God Knows

Emily van Rijn

I find it such a comfort just to know that God knows.
He knows all of my personal frustrations, difficulties, weaknesses and needs.
He knows my strengths and my efforts to please Him.
He knows my desires.
He knows my situation and He knows me better than I know myself.

When life is busier than I can keep up with and I try to slow it down, but instead it gets crazier, He knows. I don't need to try to make Him understand.

When I am having a difficult day and one thing after another is going wrong, He knows. He sees everything that happens in my day.

When I wake up early so I can start the day with quiet time alone with Him and instead I have to care for my children's needs, God knows. He saw what happened.

When I am frustrated because of my tiredness and physical limitations when I want to be busy, He knows. He sees my desires and also my limitations. He doesn't judge me for not being able to do all I want to do.

When I am stressed out by the time I drop my children off at school, He knows. He saw the difficult behavior and all the stresses.

When I have many needs, He knows. He knows what I need before I even ask.

Before Lydia was born, I was a little concerned about what would happen to our other children when she was born. We knew she might need to be in hospital for a while. Thankfully we didn't know how long or I would have been completely overwhelmed (10 weeks)! My parents had said they would take the children, but my dad needed a knee replacement sometime then too! While I was thinking about this, the verse came to my mind "…your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things." Matthew 6:32b When you're in hospital with one child, care for your other children is a definite need. But it really struck me that God knew that our children would need looking after and that He would provide. And He did.
And yet so often I forget this fact. When I pray I find myself trying to explain the whole situation as if He has no clue what I'm talking about. I try to convince Him that I need His help! I forget He knows. He wants us to bring all our troubles and cares to Him even though He already knows, but it really helps to know that He knows and that He understands.

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