Useful to the End

Rich Vega

I went to see my Dad today. He’s 84 and lives with strangers now. He was once our leader and provider. Now he sits alone at the dining table with TV noise in the background. I remember how big and strong he was, now his frailty overshadows his large hands, as he sits in a wheelchair.

I pass by empty eyes and blank stares down the hallway, on my way to his room. I can’t help wondering who these men and women used to be when they lived with us on the outside. Where did they live? Who did they love?

When I enter, he smiles asking me where I came from. We talk a little about small things and he always says he’s just fine. He’s starting to forget things now. He used to tell us never to put him in a place like this.

I know soon, I will come into his room and he will be gone. He used to read his bible every day. Now it sits under the bed unseen. Recently, he said he was feeling very sad because he wasn’t very useful anymore.

Dad, I see your faith as strong as when you first believed. I know where you’re going and that we will see each other again. The One who saved you all those years ago, said He would never leave you or forsake you. I’m counting on that promise.

I went to see my Dad the other day. He told me he was feeling very useful again. He said he was thinking of his family and had been praying for all of us.

I love you Dad

Used with permission from Rich Vega.

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