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I think most people have heard of Johnny Cash and would recognize his music, even among today’s young people. He had a unique style of music that transcends time and sets him apart from other musicians.

As an individual, he was unique as well. Sinners thought Johnny was a saint, and saints thought Johnny was a sinner. The reality is, he was both. Just like us, he was flawed, he blew it, and he fell and he got up again. But he never lost his faith. In fact, at the very end of his life, it was stronger than ever.

Johnny Cash embodies the paradox of every Christian who wants to do what is right but struggles to do it, just like the apostle Paul described in Romans. That’s why I’ve wanting to tell his story for such a long time. His story is that of redemption, and it resonates with so many of us who mess up. But God says, “I’m not done with you yet.”

If we learn nothing else from the story of Johnny Cash, we learn that God gives second chances, and third ones, and fourth ones . . .

So I’ve teamed up again with my friend Marshall Terrill to write sort of a spiritual biography of Johnny Cash, a book that really focuses on his faith.

The book, Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon officially releases in late August. However, you can get one now in thanks for a donation to Harvest Ministries.

Johnny Cash: Redemption of an American Icon book

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I’m hoping this book will be like my book on Steve McQueen, in that it can reach a new audience with the message of the gospel’s redemptive power. Will you pray with me that God will use it in ways we can’t even imagine?

Used with permission from Greg Laurie.

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