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Nehemiah Zion

When Jesus was on earth, He went about doing good to people who came to Him. One of His major ministries towards people were healing them of their sickness. God does not desire us to be sick nor remain in that state for a long time. In the Scriptures, whoever came to Him for deliverance, went back with one hundred percent healing. He used various methods to heal them. Let’s see what those were!


1. Instant Healing – A leper came to Him for healing. Jesus touched and healed him. Mathew 8:3.

2. Spoke His Word – The centurion came running to Jesus for the healing of his servant. Mathew 8:8. His faith was so strong that he requested Jesus to just speak a word and his servant would be healed; And it was so!

3. Moved With Compassion – Whenever Jesus went out, great multitude of people followed them. They sought Him for healing and Jesus was moved with compassion seeing them and healed them. Mathew 14:14.

4. Cast out the devil and healed – All those oppressed of the devil, Jesus healed them all. Mathew 8:31. He was anointed for this. Acts 10:38.

5. Rebuked the devil and healed – Mark 1:25.

6. Forgave sins and healed – A major cause of sickness is unconfessed sins. When our sins are forgiven, healing takes place. Mark 2:5

7. People who touched Him were healed. Like the woman with an issue of blood for 12 years.

8. Power of God was present wherever He went and people were healed.

9. Healing through His Name – The lame man at the temple was healed through the Name of Jesus.

10. He sent His Word and healed the people – Psalms 107:20.

Be blessed 💕

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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