Trust Your Driver

Emily van Rijn

A long time ago, I rolled my car on the road I was most familiar with! The country road that led to my parent's home where I was living. I drove up and down that road nearly every day and was probably over confident. One night, in an instance, my car was written off, although I escaped with only a headache!
However, all these years later, I have anxiety problems when I am a passenger driving down country roads. I am so jumpy, there are times I simply have to shut my eyes or look out the side window to avoid telling my husband when there are corners etc! It doesn't actually help for me to be so jumpy, it just makes the trip more stressful!
Oddly, I feel safer when I'm driving.(At least up until I had problems with being dizzy!) Somehow I feel in control even though it was me who rolled my car, and not my husband. Strange!
In life's journey, I sometimes have the same problem! To relax and just trust my Driver to get me where I should go is not always easy. I want to be in control. I want to choose which roads I take and carefully avoid any windy, steep ones! I want to choose how fast,  how slow, and how long my journey should be.
In the last four years, there are many things that have happened in my life that have been totally out of my control. I've been reminded that I'm not in control anyway and that I just need to keep giving things back over to God and let Him be the Driver. He's the only One who knows the way. Although He may take me down rough, bumpy roads I wouldn't choose, they are necessary. His way is always best! If I let God drive, He won't crash! (Even though life may feel like a wreck sometimes.) He will get me safely HOME.
"As for God, his way is perfect:"
Psalm 18:36

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