Bloom Where God Planted You

Emily van Rijn

Where are you right now? Maybe you are living at home with your family. Maybe you are the oldest or maybe you are the youngest. Maybe you have a job or maybe you wish you had a job. Maybe you are at school or maybe you are homeschooled. Maybe you are very busy or maybe you are bored. Maybe you are sick or have a health problem. Maybe you have lots of friends or maybe you are very lonely. Maybe your life is happy or maybe you are going through a tough time.

Where ever you are right now, you can learn to be content! God has you where you are for a reason. When the time is right, God will move you somewhere else. But if you don't learn to be content where you are right now, you probably won't be content where you want to be. If you don't find your fulfillment and joy in God while you are single, you most likely won't be very happy when you get married. If you aren't content at home, you probably won't be content when you move out! Wherever you are, there will always be things you don't like. Nothing is ever perfect. Instead of always wanting to be somewhere else, you can bloom right where you are. Be thankful for what you have right now and what God has done so far. Trust that He will move you on when the time is right. Make the most of your time and opportunities right now. Live today to the full instead of wishing it were tomorrow.

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