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The Pandemic has opened the door to more online connections all across the world. Many singles have faced isolation in not being able to go out as much, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot meet new people and make new connections. I’ll share ideas below that offer online solutions for our new normal.

T.D. Jakes Millennial Mondays
I was blessed to stumble upon T.D. Jake’s Millennial Ministry on a Sunday where I scoured YouTube looking for another ministry to stream. I saw T.D. Jakes Ministry popup on my timeline and just in time caught the announcement of Millennial Mondays. It’s an online Zoom meeting where Millennials can talk to others led by a pastor on T.D. Jake’s staff called Pastor V. I visited this group for the first time this past Monday and I have to say it was excellent. It was a safe space for Millennials to open up, share, and receive ministry if necessary. There was a young lady at the end who needed some encouragement and many provided encouraging words and even offered to provide her money via Cashapp. T.D. Jakes will be on the live zoom on December 14th. To participate in this online event text Gen Now to the number 28950.

Why So Single
Why So Single is a monthly live Zoom event for Christian Singles to discuss all things about the single life. They host special guest panelists and everyone gets to share at some point in the event. This event isn’t always the same. Each new panelist brings something unique to the table each time and you never know who you may meet while participating in this event. To attend the next Why So Single event; you’ll have to register at the Eventbrite link. You’ll then be added to the email mailing list for future Why So Single Events. They are having a holiday mixer event on December 19th with an ugly sweater contest and more. Visit link here: Why So Single? Singles Holiday Mixer Tickets, Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

Search Events on Eventbrite
Speaking of Eventbrite, I’d accidentally come across all types of online Christian single’s meetups across the globe. If you like meeting new people and have some free time, search Virtual Christian Single’s events on Eventbrite and join some of the cool events. They even have virtual speed dating events that come up for Christians. Here is a link that I found that you can check out: Online Christian Singles Virtual Events | Eventbrite

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Take a Vacation to a New Place
If there is a state that is open and has some activities you’d like to participate in; then take advantage of the low airfares and book a trip. I use the Google flights tool to search all airlines for the lowest prices. This year all of my travel had been canceled so my vacation budget has just been sitting there. I listen to an out-of-state podcast every week and the state where the podcast is hosted is open. The host is always talking about how everything is open with necessary precautions of course. I checked it out online and booked the trip. I’ll be leaving soon and hopefully, I’ll meet and build connections with more cool people.

Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean we have to be isolated. Use precautions and wisdom and connect online or in a safe environment that minimizes risk. Wear your mask and clean your hands often when doing so. An N-95 mask is the best. If you plan to travel, I recommend wearing the N-95 mask if you can find one online.

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