Never Discouraged

Emily van Rijn

 On Sunday afternoon my husband was leading  a church service in a rest home. One of the hymns he chose to sing was "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." I was playing the piano and one sentence really jumped out at me. "We should never be discouraged." It was a gentle rebuke to me because I often get discouraged! I get discouraged way too easily. It's one thing to know that we shouldn't be discouraged, but how? These are the tips I have come up with.

1.Remember all God's done for you in the past and be thankful

It's so easy to forget all the things God has already done for us when we are consumed with right now or the uncertainties of the future. By reminding ourselves of all that God has already done for us and being thankful, we can have faith, hope and courage for the future.

2 .Remember that God is limitless

Nothing is impossible with God. He is much bigger than any problem or impossibility we have. The Bible is filled with stories of God doing the impossible.

3. Focus on God and His promises 

If we focus on ourselves, our circumstances, our situation, our feelings, or our problems, we will be very discouraged. But if we focus on God and His promises, there is no need for discouragement.

4. Trust God's wisdom, His timing and His love for you

It is easy to get discouraged when we are waiting for something. Remember that delays are not denials, God's timing is always perfect and He does what's best for us because He loves us.

5. Pray about every thing that discourages you.

My husband is a good listener to elderly and lonely people. I once asked him, "Don't all their depressing stories get you down?" "No," he answered, "I have a place to take it all."

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