Living a Fully Integrated Life

Kathy Book was a high-level manager in a nationwide grocery chain. Outside of work, she was a Christian, but while she was at work, she didn’t act so “Christian.” But everything changed one day when her boss pulled her aside to have a hard conversation.

In Chapter 21 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the way you think about Faith and Work, Kathy writes, “my manager pulled me into her office and said ‘I know you go to church, serve at youth group, and feed the homeless but why are you a different person when you are here at work?'”

Talk about a wake-up call! At the time, Kathy didn’t know how to respond. But eventually, she quit her job to figure it out. During this transition period, Kathy really discovered what it means to be a Christ following woman in the Marketplace. A revelation that ended with her starting a ministry aptly called Women in the Marketplace.

Kathy’s experience isn’t an anomaly; my own story mirrors it in many ways (minus the “woman” portion, of course). What about you? Do the people you work with on Monday see the same person that your pastor sees on Sunday?

Kathy Book’s contributor chapter in iWork4Him is all about living an integrated life. A life where faith impacts and influences everything. And, interestingly enough, Kathy not only started the ministry of Women in the Marketplace but also recently turned the ministry over to a new leader so that she could back into the Marketplace and put all she’d learned about living an integrated life into action back in the grocery chain world. Talk about a major turnaround!

So, do you need to quit your job to figure out how to live an integrated life? Lucky for you, the answer is NOPE. iWork4Him and thousands of other ministries and podcasts have dedicated themselves to equipping you to live out your faith vibrantly in the workplace! To find a voice that will inspire you all week long, check out the Awaken Podcast Network – the home of over 130 faith and work podcasts, or pick up a copy of the iWork4Him book (bonus, CLICK HERE to get the first chapter for FREE.)

Learn from Kathy and others like me because Jesus saved all of you, especially your workplace you. Why? Because God is love, and God’s will is for everyone you encounter on a daily basis to meet Him through you.


Used by permission from Jim Brangenberg

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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