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Ray Oster


At Devine Jamz we market quality music using all levels of radio marketplaces through those we have a relationship within corporate programming positions, charting Nielsen BDS / Mediabase Commercial FM Radio Stations and charting Nielsen BDS Internet Radio Stations. We are very meticulous of who we select to offer our client’s music to. Our team research stations and consistently monitor their program for quality assurance. Exciting it may be to hear your song played on radio, not every smaller market has the quality and work ethics we prefer to work with. We do the task of looking at reported data, which artists may not be aware of. We seek stations that makes an impact not just to their immediate audience, but to other industry executives who can take music to another level. For upcoming indie artists, radio airplay alone may not be the magic bullet to make you successful in the music business. That is why we incorporated services with our radio packages to expand the reach. Added direct-to-fan marketing with airplay complement radio programs and artist’s music played on the air.

Although our primary radio marketplace is with stations monitored by Nielsen BDS and Mediabase, we understand and work with creditable, Non-Commercial and Non-Reporting radio stations that will maximize artist’s exposure as a whole! Most reporting stations pay royalties to performance right societies such as SOUNDEXCHANGE, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. They also report to various industry trades such as Billboard, BDSradio, Mediabase, FMQB, DRT, World Indie Music Charts, Texas Country Music Worldwide, Cashbox, Recordworld, BRE, Hits and others! View packages for specifics. For more details read FAQ

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Radio Airplay Packages

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