Conversations to Have Before Getting Engaged

(Photo: Unsplash)

It used to be that a proposal of marriage was a surprise. However, now getting engaged is more of a decision made by both partners once they have carefully discussed and considered it beforehand. Here are a few important conversations everyone couple must seriously talk about before choosing to get engaged.

How do you feel about faith?

Faith is one of the most important things to discuss with your other half before getting engaged. There are many reasons for this that range from the practical such as whether you can live together before marriage, and whether you will get married in a church, temple, or mosque. 

However, these practical issues are not the only ones that need addressing here as specific beliefs about how one should act, educate and raise their children, and relate to others will all be influenced by faith. 

Indeed, some couples may be in a situation where each person has their own faith. Of course, such relationships can be hugely successful. Although, establishing a foundation of communication, respect, and empathy for the other person’s beliefs before entering into marriage is essential. 

What are the other person’s expectations about the engagement and wedding?

Another important thing to discuss before you choose to get engaged is what your own and the other person’s expectations are for the engagement and the marriage celebration. 

Indeed, when it comes to the engagement, some people are happy to keep things low key and choose the ring together, after the proposal. While others will want something like these custom engagement rings to be ready for them before their other half proposes. Happily, it couldn’t be easier to get a custom engagement ring made. You can even take an heirloom like a grandmother’s ring and have this transformed into something stunning and modern. 

As well as setting out what is expected for the engagement it’s a very smart idea to have a good discussion about the type of marriage celebration both parties want as well. After all, you could quickly run into some problems if one wants a small intimate wedding with close family only, and the other is expecting a vast and expensive affair with hundreds of guests! 

If you want kids?

Finally, a major issue that needs to be discussed before you decide to get engaged is whether you want to have children, and if so when you want to begin trying. Indeed, a great deal of stress and heartache can be avoided if you both agree on this point before you decide to marry. The reason being that many cite their partner’s opposite views on starting a family as a reason for the breakdown of the relationship and divorce. 

Even if you know that you do want to have children but wish to wait until later on, it’s a good idea to discuss this beforehand. Then you will be able to manage the other person’s expectations which can help them from becoming unhappy while they wait.

Courtesy of Saundra Dalton-Smith.