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With Christmas and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ recently celebrated by many, I want to talk about another righteous man who was near and dear to our Savior. Based on Biblical account, He was an excellent husband to his wife Mary, the mother of Jesus. When I read the story of Mary and Joseph, I am blessed and impressed!

Joseph was indeed a true example of godly masculinity. I believe that Mary and Joseph’s marriage was a picture of the respect, love, sacrifice, and unity between Christ and the church. Many women are still single and hoping for the right loving husband one day.

Some people do not know how to choose, and do not know what standards they should hold themselves and their partner to. When it comes to choosing a partner, negative parental examples, secular music, movies, and societal influences send harmful messages that often misguide women (and men) in this very important decision making process.

Jesus Christ has set the example for what godliness is. He is our prime example. The relationship between Christ and the church is the model for marriage.

The word of God also tells men and women how to behave and be godly. In this post, I will highlight some godly traits of this righteous man in the Bible named Joseph. Ladies, he is a very good example of a godly husband, so it’s good to take note of his godly traits!

What made Joseph a wonderful man of God and an excellent husband to Mary?

1. Joseph was a just, God-fearing man.

Therefore, he and Mary were equally yoked (2 Corinthians 6: 14).

2. Joseph was a protector.

Mary was safe. Joseph did not become violent or harm her after believing she was guilty of infidelity. He also showed his protective nature when moving his wife and baby Jesus to Egypt away from King Herod who would seek to kill Jesus.

3. Joseph respected Mary.

He cared about and respected Mary, even while he believed he had obvious proof that she had been unfaithful.

After believing Mary had been unfaithful, Joseph sought to put her away privately and not shame her publicly (Matthew 1: 19).

4. Joseph was a gentleman.

One way his gentleness is apparent is in that he didn’t rage and seek ungodly retaliation against Mary for conceiving a child that he had not given her.

5. Joseph was humble.

He was humble in his response to suspected infidelity. He did not have an ego that got in his way. An overinflated, bruised ego can cause rage, a loss of control, and create a very dangerous situation.

6. Joseph honored Mary in her God-given role.

Joseph did not meddle or try to interfere.
He didn’t intrude upon Mary in her divine calling to carry and birth our Savior Jesus Christ.

He trusted God. He stayed in his lane. He didn’t demand to try to control the situation, because he was betrothed to her and would be her head in marriage.

He must have understood that God uses women and men. God was using his wife. He apparently understood that it was all about God’s will being done for His glory and for the benefit of mankind.

7. Joseph was receptive to truth, even when it didn’t make natural sense.

He listened to the angel who spoke to him in a dream (Matthew 1: 20) and accepted the angel’s explanation of  the supernatural conception. He believed and understood that Mary had not been unfaithful to him. He realized and accepted the truth when Gabriel explained to him that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

8. Joseph was faithful.

Again, Joseph did not dispute the angel. Like Mary, He had faith in God and in God’s plan. He trusted God. Some other husbands may have felt so confused and insecure that they may have walked away. Joseph didn’t walk away or get himself a mistress. He remained faithful to both God and Mary.

9. Joseph was obedient to God.

According to Matthew 1: 24, Joseph awakened, out of his sleep, did as the angel said, and took his wife unto himself.  He no longer feared that she had been unfaithful. Mary officially became his wife.

Later, he was also obedient when the angel warned him to take Mary, baby Jesus, and flee to escape King Herod, who would seek to kill Jesus ( Matthew 2: 13).

10. Joseph sacrificially loved his wife.

Throughout the ordeals, Joseph demonstrated the selfless type of love that God commands for a husband to love his wife with, in Ephesians 5: 25.

11. Joseph had and practiced self-control.

And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus.”  Matthew 1: 25.

Joseph did not “know” Mary ( have intercourse with her) while they were betrothed, and he also waited to know her, even after she became his wife.

12. Joseph was not a sexual narcissist.

Sexual narcissism is common, even among some who profess to be Christians. Joseph was different. There are no reports that he demanded sex and tried to force Mary to “give it up” because she was his wife.

He honored her as a woman, and more importantly as his wife. He did not treat her as a sexual object that he was entitled to whenever he wanted.

He obeyed God by not having sex with Mary until after she gave birth to our Savior Jesus Christ. He submitted to God’s divine and awesome plan for his wife to bring forth a Son who would save His people from their sins. Praise God!

Joseph is a very good example of a godly man and ideal husband for a woman of God Are we taking note?

Joseph was a man who feared and loved God, and loved his wife. This was shown by his obedience to God. He was a gentleman, practicing self-control, which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Joseph bore different fruits of the Spirit. He showed love, was peaceful, patient, had faith. He was gentle, not controlling and did not try to dominate his wife. He partnered with her.

Joseph complied as God had His way to work in and through both himself and Mary. Joseph and Mary’s marriage is a very good example of what a godly marriage looks like. Their example is also a reminder for the people of God to pray, obey God, and trust in Him; not to be derailed by circumstances. This godly couple also reminds us that real love exists, and it is important not to settle for less than what God desires for us.

Can anyone else think of other reasons that Joseph was an excellent example of what an ideal godly husband is? I would love to know!

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