Picking Up Momentum — Fearfully & Wonderfully Jo

Hi, it’s me.

The last time I wrote an entry was the end of 2020, and a lot has changed. My state of being has changed, my home has changed, and even some of my hobbies and passions have changed.

Transparently speaking, I had actually toggled off the auto-renew option for both this site and my domain name (i.e. So this site was actually supposed to disappear from existence in April of this year. But a couple things have been happening recently that have led me to believe that God may be calling me to keep this blog. I won’t delve into deets, but certain conversations have been happening, and some random occurrences have also popped up that have brought to mind this blog multiple times in one week.

But let’s reel it back in a lil bit- why did I stop blogging in the first place? The 2nd semester of my senior year in college was all kinds of crazy – I was in the midst of producing a fashion show, scrambling to find a job post-grad, and also wrapping up my time at UT Austin. Needless to say, I didn’t have very much breathing room and even felt I was drowning at some points, and unfortunately, this blog was an unintentional casualty of my overwhelmed-ness. So why didn’t i just pick it back up when it all ended? Well once I stopped, I just lost the momentum. This blog was something that brought me so much joy and encouragement throughout my time in college, and at some point, I forgot that.

Truthfully, I had decided to end this blog in an effort to cut costs when I moved to NYC (I’ll share more about this move in another post!). My finances are already tight, and quite honestly, I’m spending as much as I’m earning (+ sometimes even a little more oops). But recently a thought has been meandering in my mind – what if God has called me to dedicate some of the money I earn towards furthering His kingdom through this blog? (Kinda like tithing, but like, obvi not the same exact thing). And like with anything He calls us to, I can trust He’ll provide just enough.

I haven’t made a confident decision around whether or not I want to renew, but through the encouragement of people in my life, I’ve decided to pick up the momentum again, slowly but surely, and we’ll see where that takes me. Going with the flow y’know! I’m a different Jo now from when I started this blog back in 2017 – the way I speak and even the things I write about may be different. But my God is still the same, good God he was back then, and always will be. I hope God has also been showing you the areas of life He’s calling you to dedicate your time and resources to, and I hope you say yes to Him, because He truly delights in and intentionally calls you to the things that set your heart on fire.

Feel free to message me if there’s anything on your mind or if you’d like prayer for anything! 🙂

xx always, jo

Words and thoughts courtesy of Jolene Chao,

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