Secret Life of a Runway Model Part 2: Learning Image Isn’t Real

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Our brand new series talking to former models continues today with the second part of my conversation with Amanda Cunningham, a former runway model. It’s been highly informative to find out more about the secret life of a runway model. Today she shares more about how she came to know Jesus, what finally drove her out of the modeling business, and how God touched the hearts of both her and her new husband to begin to live life in a new way. Amanda and I also talk about what she tells her daughters about modeling, how God is working to heal her from years of disordered eating and negative thoughts around her body, along with other unknowns from the secret life of a runway model that just may surprise you!

Learn More About the Secret Life of a Runway Model in Today’s Show, Such As:

  • How Amanda felt a draw to find something REAL after years of searching for and perfecting her image.
  • What happened to Amanda after she got pregnant and tried to go back to modeling.
  • The miracle of how God touched her marriage and the hearts of both her and her husband.
  • How modeling has influenced the way Amanda parents her daughters.

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