God’s Objective for Us Doesn’t Include Having ‘Nice Days’

Greg Laurie

We have all heard the expression many times: “Have a nice day.” It’s a classic Americanism. But what does it mean to have a nice day? I guess it’s having a day that is void of any problems, a day in which there is no sickness, no conflict, and no hardship. It’s a day that is, well, basically nice.

That is even how some people portray God. They think of Him as a Santa Claus-like figure who smiles benignly from Heaven, wants us to be healthy and wealthy, and tells us to have a nice day.

But is that really the picture that the Bible gives us of God? I’m not suggesting that God cannot bless us with health, or even a certain degree of wealth. Nor am I suggesting that God will not bring happiness into our lives, because He will. But that is not God’s aim.

God’s Goal and Our Role

Used with permission from Greg Laurie.