Proverbs 2

Benefits of Wisdom:

There are several benefits of wisdom outlined in this chapter: success, direction in life, protection from evil influences, discerning mind, shield from wrong people, and abstinence from sexual sin.

I would like us to major on the last benefit. In today’s world, sex before marriage is justifiable and defended to be right. Many young people see nothing wrong with having sex before getting married.

We live in a time where adultery is seen as, ‘Just an entanglement’. The sanctity of sex within marriage has been greatly abused.


The wisdom of God shows us that sex should be confined within the covenant of marriage between a husband and a wife. It was created by God for pleasure and for procreation but only within the perimeter of marriage.

There’s great danger for anyone who ignores this truth. It only leads to disaster, disappointment, and heartache.


Mo 🙂

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