He sustains the weary with a word!

​A handful of months before C19 changed our lives, the LORD transitioned the ministry from being mostly in person group sessions to instead being online ministry.  I started using Zoom in September of 2019 and started holding group prayer and meditation sessions that way.  Then in the Spring of 2020, after we were instructed to lock down, I felt urgency to reach people on a more day-to-day basis.  I felt very burdened about the emotional and mental state of believers and how to offer an easily accessible prayer resource people could do on their own time.  The result was the Monday through Friday podcast that offers interactive prayer exercises in less than 10 minutes per day.  

It’s been about 2 years of online ministry.  And it’s easy to wonder what difference I really make.  The whispers of God come to turn my thoughts away from needing to know and remind me of the simple call, “Feed my lambs.  Tend my sheep.”

I’ve always felt that I’ve needed to be fed and tended to by God before I can pour out something that ministers to others.  So for each day, I’m first spending time with God in the Word and in prayer.  Then based upon inspiration from that time with God, I’m writing up the podcast session, and then recording and editing it for daily upload.  One of my least favorite activities is recording video messages for various social media sites.  It still feels so awkward for me to talk a little camera hole on my laptop or cell phone 😆.  I also type replies to prayer requests or posts, but am often limited to number of words for response.  So basically there is limited knowledge and interaction I have of what God is doing for the person on the other side of the screen or phone.  And as the days have turned into years, I have moments where ministry can get pretty lonely.  I often wonder who is listening, watching, reading, engaging, and what the Spirit is doing.  I really miss being face-to-face with people, hearing their voices, connecting before and after sessions, praying in person with people, getting in-person reaction.  But God has called me to surrender to the change, so I have learned to release the outcomes to Him and just keep obeying to the call, “Feed my lambs.  Tend to my sheep.”

He knows just when to sustain me in weariness with a word, as Isaiah 50:4 prophesied that He would do!  He’s sent words to encourage me over the last couple of weeks!  

Recently, a few people have taken extra effort to give me feedback, which has meant so much to me! I want to share it because it is for God’s glory, and maybe their messages are meant to sustain you too! 

At the end of April, I got an email from a man named Doug.  He’s been listening to the podcasts for awhile.  It was so kind and generous of him to encourage me! He has pressed in to know Jesus during his long and painful trial; and as a result, the LORD has strengthened him physically, mentally, and spiritually through regular listening of Peace Be Still!  You can read his words for yourself in the screenshot capture below! ⬇

Isn’t his testimony so encouraging?!  I am so honored to be one small way God has reached in with His healing hands!  I believe God to do deeper levels of healing in Doug and to continue to give life to his mortal body through the Spirit of God who lives in him, Romans 8:11!

In addition to Doug’s email, recently a podcast listener by the name of Peggy took extra steps to leave a comment on the blog.  

What a gift to know that people are experiencing God’s joy because of the prayer times in the podcast!

And another podcast listener named Stacy searched me out recently on Instagram.  She says she looks forward to the podcast every day and that she loves being prayed over in the sessions!

Despite our interactions becoming increasingly digital, our relational needs still must be met! We need to know we are not alone! We are healed and helped through the prayers of the saints!  Hearing prayer, practicing prayer, receiving prayer, proclaiming God’s Word as true, and agreeing in prayer are all part of experiencing spiritual breakthrough!

Are you practicing?  Are you receiving the prayers being prayed over you in the podcasts?  Are you agreeing?  Are you meditating on the promises of God?  Are you proclaiming His Word as true in your prayer language?  

Listen to the podcast!  Let me know how they are helping you!

And for those who take the time to come back around to thank God for the ministry, I believe they shall receive extra blessing!  With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you!  A good measure pressed down and running over shall be poured into your lap, Luke 6:38!  So thank you again for any of you who would write a podcast review, send an email, leave a blog comment, or engage with me on social media!  

And if any of you want to let us know you appreciate this ministry by making a donation, that would also be warmly received!  The podcast has enough volume now that we could monetize, but the LORD has told me not to do so at this point.  I don’t know if that would every change.  But for now, the podcast is a listening experience that is not interrupted or disturbed by commercials.  Being commercial free protects your listening experience and your time with God.   

Help us keep the podcast commercial free! 

Your donations go towards ever increasing costs of ministry.  We have monthly software costs for podcast, music use, website, images, equipment upgrades, advertising, etc.  Last year one generous donor invested in our podcast technology so you could experience a more professional sound and pleasant listener experience.  It is only through your donations that we can reach more and continue improving the prayer resources we offer!  Thank you for considering it!  Be blessed in His presence!

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