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be rescued from a lustful relationship

A boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is destructive for believers. The hold of such lust, they think is love, is like the spell of witchcraft. They are blinded by Satan to walk in continuous sin. An unregulated heart ends up being bound by evil spirits that enslave the flesh in sexual pleasure.

Paul warns it’s good for a man not to touch a woman to avoid sexual immorality.

The life of Samson depicts the horrid loss of life of priceless worth in the hands of Satan.

Samson gave room for multiple relationships in his life, neglecting the high consecration with which God had called him. He gave it all up for his fleshly desires.

God had chosen ONE Israelite to destroy the entire Philistines. Only one, so God could reveal His might and power to save Israel and completely destroy this dangerous enemy. No one had this privilege of superhuman strength. God revealed that nothing was impossible for Him, when it came to His children, as long they walked in obedience. But, Samson threw it all away to fulfil his fleshly lust.

He lost his vision, was bound in fetters, and thrown into a jail to grind. What a terrible end to a great warrior! There were enough and more opportunities to repent but the nagging talk of a wicked woman lured him away into living a sinful life, eventually giving his consecration away.

It is possible to be rescued from a lustful relationship

The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. True repentance can rescue us from any relationship, however deep you may feel you are. The anointing breaks every ungodly spirit-soul tie that locks two together. All it takes is a sincere calling out to God. Yet many children choose to go deeper because of fear and manipulation.

The flesh requires discipline.
The spirit of man requires training.
The soul needs a refreshing.
It’s only possible when we invest in our one true love Jesus Christ, daily.

God so loved us that He purchased us with His precious blood. We belong to Him. Not the devil who uses various devices to entrap us. God has given us the wisdom to redeem the time to save souls, not waste it on fleshly lusts and worldly cares.

Admit your fallen state to God in prayer with strong tears.
Submit your spirit, soul and body in complete surrender to the Holy Spirit.
Commit your time and resources to draw people to the love of Jesus as exemplary believers.

May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen us in love to live an overcoming life in Christ Jesus. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen!

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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