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Jim Brangenberg

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I am probably the worst person on the planet to be writing a blog about rest. In fact, Martha and I together are probably the worst people on the planet to write a blog about rest. Resting is not something that comes naturally to us. And I’m not talking about rest that comes between 10 PM and 6 AM. I’m talking about rest where your eyes are open, but you’re not moving or doing something. Martha and I really struggle in this area. We figure if we’re not doing something, we’re being lazy. But as we’ve gotten older, now into our mid-fifties, we realize that rest is something that we need.

Not just for our bodies or health, but for our minds and souls.

What rest looks like for you may be different from what it looks like for me, but it starts with a whole bunch of intentionality no matter what it looks like! Quality rest doesn’t often occur spontaneously, especially in today’s connected and busy world.

This summer Martha and I have a new plan: resting. We plan on having days where all we do is read a book. We plan on having a weeklong vacation where all we do is just explore. We plan on taking Sundays and making sure that no projects are going on around the house. We plan on taking our work and putting it aside to rest and hear the voice of the Lord on what’s next for iWork4Him.

Now, I’ve read many books about rest over the years, but none of them is better than the Bible. From the very beginning, as soon as God finished creating the entire universe, He took a day of rest. In fact, on their first full day on the planet, Adam and Eve had a day of rest! God put such a high priority on rest that He made Adam and Eve experience it before giving them work.

Is rest a priority in your life or an afterthought?

I want to invite you to join Martha and me this summer in making rest an intentional part of your walk with Jesus. Oh, and on a side note, when you’re well rested, you’ll also hear the voice of the Lord more easily and can respond more quickly when he has an assignment for you! So in a way, rest is a critical part of staying on mission!

– Jim

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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