Monday Money Nuggets – Episode 3

Our resident finance enthusiast, Wale will be sharing his ‘Monday Money nuggets‘ through the month of June.

Hope everyone is excited to learn from Wale’s experiences and insight.


This is not financial advice but simply someone sharing their experience and perspectives on money matters.

Enjoy and learn something new 🙂

This topic among young adults has always made for an interesting conversation.

In the previous episode, I had mentioned that most people would at some point like to get married. With this in mind, I believe it’s important to learn about finances in Marriage.

First, like any counsel an intending couple will get is the criticality to discuss and align money philosophies before getting married. In my little marriage experience, I find that you will probably always have to discuss finances even after getting married depending on how things are structured.

The common theme these days is that money has its individuality in marriage. Well, scripture says in marriage you have become ONE. No matter the new generation interpretation you want to give to it, it doesn’t exclude money. As a matter of fact, statistics have shown money issues as a top reason marriages dissolve in North America.

It means aligning with your spouse on money matters can by itself reduce the probability of a breakup.

One of the adjustments I had to make in marriage was increasing my spending. In the previous episodes, you’ll see I had created a pattern of spending over time, so having to spend more was initially uncomfortable for me. My student and single working professional grocery shopping list was fine with me but with my wife, it was totally different. The good thing was I already took advantage of the counsel I received from a number of married people, coupled with external resources, to get a rich understanding of how money worked in marriage so it wasn’t a big deal adjusting.

So, if you haven’t been married before, don’t think you know it all by refusing counsel from those ahead.

I got an interesting revelation from a money radio I was watching sometime. They had done a study on millionaires in the US and on a particular episode, millionaires called in. While they talked, I picked on a certain word most of them used, “WE are millionaires“.

In their explanations, I deciphered that while one person was actually the one who was able to get the finances to qualify as a millionaire, it was still seen as both spouses were millionaires, and yes of course, because two have become ONE.

I personally believe that aligning finances and financial decisions in marriages has the ability to create wealth in itself.


There is also a difference when you and your spouse agreed to a financial decision (investment) which later backfired, the pain of loss is different from when one person was in disagreement.

The way money is handled in marriage will likely be different and unique for every marriage, however, the underlying factor that makes it work and create wealth for you is ONENESS.

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Bonus for Intending couples  – Use this to understand your money philosophy and ensure you discuss with your partner so you synergize.



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