Evening in June

evening in June

Sentimental sounds about right now that my youngest is officially a high school senior.  What?  I’m not ready.  And you probably aren’t either since I will most definitely be in my feels for the next 47 months.  But I’d better get to telling you about our summer time happenings before I get too misty!

Speaking of misty – Chuck had a PET scan and the results are great!  Nothing on the scan or lab results to be concerned about.  We are so thankful.  Now he gets to work harder than ever on eating more calories.  Once he is 100% by mouth for 1 month without loosing weight he can pull his feeding tube.

After getting these results, he asked me if it sounded crazy that he felt like he finally had permission to be well.  No, it doesn’t.  He went back to work on Memorial Day and has nothing scheduled from this point on but follow up appointments.  A little more normalcy every day.  Go be well, my dearest love!

I still continue to manage pain in my back and elbow.  Blah, blah, blah.  Nothing as exciting as the hubs’ news.

Even though Chuck jumped back into the grind on Memorial Day, we enjoyed some family time over the weekend.  We celebrated my niece’s graduation, enjoyed a yummy Italian lunch provided by my in-laws and drove out to my parent’s house for a visit.  We also, unfortunately, drove to Waco for the funeral of my great-aunt Barbara.  I had not seen her in many years, but adored her as a girl.  The reason I now own my sweet Yorkie Meg is because Aunt Barbara had one many years ago.  She kept her hair in ribbons and I thought she was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.  Until I found mine, of course.

The Fun Stuff

The first weekend of this month, we drove down to Chuck’s parents house on Canyon Lake to see family and attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter.  Not just any friend, actually.  One of my best friends from elementary through high school.  She invited several of the old gang and it was the most fun mini reunion.  Most of us sat at a table together for the reception and laughed and caught up and laughed some more.  It reminded me that sometimes old friends (I really shouldn’t be throwing around the word “old”) are the best friends.

The wedding was absolutely stunning and I even got a two step or three in with Chuck.  So much fun.  And I hope to see those friends again very soon.

The day after the wedding we had a four hour drive to take Shelby to a fairly new camp for Special Needs Adults – Beloved and Beyond.  It went beyond our expectations – with her camp buddy being a nursing student!  And getting lost – twice – on the way to pick her up with my good friend Terri was a hoot!

Speaking of Terri, I started a bible study at my home with her and another neighborhood friend.  We are working through Jennifer Rothschild’s Psalm 23:  The Shepherd and Me.  I agreed to the study for friend time, but God knew I needed it.  Time with Jesus and with my friends fills my cup!

I am not much of a water recreation person, but I got to bring my sister and nieces to the REC of Grapevine (where I work) to play at the indoor pool and slides and I also played at Great Wolf Lodge with my grandkids – who came down to visit from Illinois.  The aforementioned nieces danced in a Greatest Show themed dance recital and the grandkids went with me to the Perot Museum and the Rainforest Cafe.  Lots of playing for Aunt Lauren/ Lolli.


With that high school senior  I told you about, I shopped, grabbed lunch, got manis and pedis and watched her pose for senior year book pics.  I told her that I probably won’t say no to much that she asks me to do with her for the next year.  It could get expensive!

I got to hold a baby kangaroo at work.  Her name is Lilly and I wanted to take her home.  Until they told me she would grow to about 7 feet tall! 

When not socializing or trying to spend all of our money I read Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin.  I’m really enjoying her books lately.  The hubs and I went with fun friends Karen and Bert to see Top Gun: Maverick!  Let’s give that some more exclamation points!!!!  I loved the action and nostalgia and everything else.  I wanted to go see it again, but haven’t made it back.

At home we went on a true crime spree.  Not committing, but watching Candy and Under the Banner of Heaven on Hulu.  Both are eerie and thought provoking.  When we needed something lighter, Abbott Elementary fit the bill nicely.  I also heart Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Much more my speed than the other new Star Wars series.

That hits the high lights.  I’ll be here hydrating and staying indoors until the triple digits have disappeared from my rear view mirror.  I would love to hear what you have done or plan to do with your summer.  Drop a comment below.  And as always, I thank you, I love you and I hope July treats you well!

The Link Up

I know I’m not the only one who feels heavy right now.  From gun violence to skyrocketing prices to political poohockey (throw in some stifling heat here in the south).  Linda Stoll’s post Porch #47* A Summer Palate felt like a welcome breeze.  Hop over and lighten up like I did.

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