Be an instrument of God

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Be an instrument of God

By Babatope Babalobi +234 80 35 897435

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Matthew Chapter 13.

  1. Mathew 13 is a chapter of parables, there are seven parables in this chapter.
  • The parable of the Sower (vs 3)
  • The parable of the good seed and tares (vs 24)
  • The parable of the mustard seed (vs 31)
  • The parable of the leaven (vs 33)
  • The parable of the treasure hidden in the field (vs 44)
  • The parable of the merchantman (vs 45)
  • The parable of the net cast into the sea (vs 47) .
  1. The disciples of Jesus could not understand why Jesus spoke often in parables and asked him why (vs 10).
  2. Jesus’ explanation is that parables enable his listeners to easily understand the gospel.
  3. Jesus’ parables used analogies that the followers could easily relate to, thereby facilitating easy comprehension of the gospel.
  4. In this sense, Jesus was a great communicator while on earth, as spoke not only in the language of his audience but also with symbols that his audience could easily understand.
  5. We all face communication challenges in our daily work and the inability to deliver our messages to our audiences clearly often caused project failures.
  6. We must model our communication messages after Jesus and strive to speak of the people.
  7. Let us examine some of these parables in detail.
  8. The parable of the Sower also tells us how forces of darkness hinder the work of the gospel and deliverance prayers that needed to be said to be set free.
  9. Verses 14 and 15 make us understand that when the heart, eyes, and ears of a person have been spiritually blocked, the gospel will not be able to bear fruit in the life of that person.
  10. In evangelism, the first assignment is to pray for the deliverance of the heart, eyes, and ears of the hearer.

I pull down every spiritual blockade of the eyes, eyes, and heart and set every reader of this message free to receive the word of God in Jesus’ name.

The word of God shall not bounce back in your heart, your ears shall not reject the word of God, and your eyes shall be delighted to read the word of God in Jesus’ name.

  1. We also learn from verses 20 and 21 that tribulation and persecution may come with the word of God.
  2. Every believer must be prepared to be persecuted for the sake of the gospel and pray for strength and grace to overcome such persecutions.
  3. Christianity is not all a Jolly ride, but God will establish you after you have been strengthened through persecution in Jesus’ name as promised in 1 Peter 5 vs 10.

Receive the grace to stand for Christ in the face of tribulations and persecutions in Jesus’ name.

The word of God shall not fall on stones in your life Jesus’ name.

  1. We also see in verse 22 that the care of this world and the deceitfulness of riches is an enemy to the fruitfulness of the word of God.
  2. You cannot please the word and the world. You need to choose one as the standards of the word are different from the values glorified by the world.
  3. If your first love is for fashion, technology, parties, money, and material acquisition, the word of God may not thrive in your heart.
  4. The Bible also talks about the deceitfulness of riches. It means the money that almost every person is chasing daily could be deceitful. Deceit means a lie, fake, manipulative, conspiratorial, untrustworthy, and unreliable.
  5. If your first love is money rather than God, the word of God cannot thrive in your heart, as what you need to do in most cases to acquire money is ungodly.
  6. Verse 23 also makes us understand that the word of God can be fruitful and productive in the life of the hearer.
  7. Two conditions however need to be fulfilled. It must be heard, and it must be understood by the hearer. Before the word of God can bear fruits in the world, we must fulfill the ministry of the preacher and evangelist why we hand over the hearers to the Holy Spirit to help them understand the message.
  8. We also have a part to play in helping the hearer understand the message. We must speak in the language of the hearers, just as Jesus spoke in parables so that the hearers could understand.
  9. Verse 25 on the parable of the good seed and tares gives us an inkling of the work of darkness when we are physically or spiritually asleep.

Receive physical and spiritual alertness in Jesus’ name. Awake from your spiritual slumber and arrest every enemy of the word in your life in Jesus’ name

  1. Verse 23 also helps us to understand that there are various levels of spiritual fruitfulness. Thirty-fold, sixty-fold, and hundred-fold. You will grow in the spiritual as much as you desire.
  2. If you pray for 1 minute daily, you don’t expect yourself to be fruitful as someone that prays for one hour daily. if you read the Bible once a month, maybe one verse, you don’t expect to be fruitful as someone that reads a chapter or more per day.
  3. Allow the word of God to bear bountiful fruits in your life.

You shall be fruitful for God in Jesus’ name.

  1. Verse 28 also helps us to know that there is an enemy of God in your life. Your prayer life has an enemy, your word study has an enemy, and your Christian life has an enemy.
  2. Refuse to cooperate with the enemy of your salvation. I just resumed a new secular work away from my family, and one thing I keep telling myself is that I will not disappoint God.
  3. Sin such as stealing and illicit sex are enemies of salvation. Don’t allow the enemy to stain your good testimony and glorious future.
  4. If Joseph had fallen into the sexual trap of Pharaoh’s wife, he would not have become the Prime Minister.
  5. God has a good plan for you and if you walk with him, good seeds that will become fruitful trees will be sown in your life by the Holy Spirit (verse 38).
  6. The devil is a bad wicked man, his ministry is to sow bad seeds (verse 39). Don’t give the devil a space in your family.
  7. The parables of the hidden treasure and the merchant in verses 44 and 46 also show that the kingdom of God is more valuable than all the wealth, riches, possessions, power, and status of the world.
  8. If you need to sell off all your possessions, to possess the kingdom of God please go ahead.
  9. If you need to forsake any position, power, and opportunity to remain a Christian and claim your salvation please do. Buy the word of God before you buy the car, house, or any other asset.
  10. Verses 49 and 50 warn about judgment wherever doers of the word will be separated from unbelievers.
  11. The Bible warns about great wailing and weeping on judgment day. You can avoid that by sticking to the word of God and not trading off your salvation for the deceitfulness of the world.
  12. Lastly, verse 57 and 58 informs us that miracles thrive on faith. Jesus could not perform any miracle among his own people not because the anointing left him but because his own people did not believe him.
  13. Stretch your faith for a miracle today in Jesus’ name.

Babatope Babalobi ministries (aka Save the World christian ministry). Used with permission.

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