Bible commentary on Luke chapter 20

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Bible study: Bible commentary on Luke chapter 20

By Babatope Babalobi +234 80 35 897435

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  1. Luke 20 gives us an idea of life in heaven.
  2. Some Sadducees and Chief Priests had come to ask Jesus who will be the right husband for a woman that married seven husbands, all brothers.
  3. The Sadducees asked who her right husband on resurrection day will be.
  4. Pardoning their spiritual ignorance of life in heaven, Jesus answered them in the process and provided some clues about life in heaven.
  5. In heaven there is no marriage, there is no wedding party, there is no spouse, there are no biological children, and there is no social family (verse 35).
  6. We all are children of the Most High, and we are brides of Jesus who is the bridegroom.
  7. In heaven, we shall be one big family, with God as the only father, and All Saints are his children.
  8. There is no pregnancy or childbirth in heaven, there is no delayed marriage or marital barrenness. There are no orphans in heaven.
  9. We have been born into God’s family and redeemed by his blood.
  10. The second fact about heaven is that Saints will live forever in heaven.
  11. There are no deaths or rumours of death. There are no sicknesses or terminal diseases. All the issues that cause death do not occur, whether accidents, sicknesses, injuries, suicides, or assassinations.
  12. Heaven is accident-free. There are no funerals, mourning, sorrows, or tragedies in heaven.
  13. There are no premature deaths or sudden deaths.
  14. The third truth about heaven is that the Saints will be equal to angels.
  15. The saints will take angelic form and nature. The Saints will minister to God, praise, and worship Him all day long.
  16. The Saints will also be as powerful as Angels (verse 36).
  17. The fourth truth about heaven is that all Saints will be children of God in heaven.
  18. There will be a change of names in heaven, a naming ceremony. In heaven, all Saints will change their earthly names and be named. A special name awaits you in heaven (verse 36).
  19. You shall not miss heaven in Jesus’ name. Amen

Babatope Babalobi ministries (aka Save the World christian ministry). Used with permission.

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