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mental and emotional health

Jesus came down from a mountain. What was he doing up there? Jesus would pray on a mountain. His alone time with God, the Father.

We read great multitudes followed Jesus soon as He came down. They were waiting for Him to finish His prayers. All those who followed Jesus expected something from Him. Jesus was unique. He was unlike any other on earth. None had seen anyone walk like He did, with authority and perfect clarity, daily walking in signs and wonders.

A leper saw Jesus and came towards Him in worship. This leper recognised Jesus as God. Yet, he did not ask Jesus to heal him. Instead, he asked for the will of God concerning his situation. He was asking for God’s will, not healing. Lepers were kept outside the gate because they were physically unclean. There was no cure for it. God alone could heal. The leper went to the one who could not only heal him of his leprosy but also save his soul.

Are you spiritually sick? Suffering from anxiety or depressive thoughts? Run to Jesus. Fall at His feet in worship, dear believer. You already know Him as God. A leprous disease is one of the worst types of sickness. You may not be physically sick. Your inner man feels sick and tired of living the way you do. Times get tough, and the surrounding distresses often burden the soul. It’s always time to talk to God.

The Samaritan, a non-believer, put his faith in Christ and received his healing. How much more He hears the prayer of His children. As a child, you have direct access to God in Jesus’ mighty name. You will receive a rest in your soul through the work of the Holy Spirit, sitting in His presence.

You are a child of God, dear believer. Go to the Father who is love. It is His will to heal you and prepare you for the soon return of Jesus. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen!

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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