Hot Coaching Tip: How to Grieve the Loss of Your Ideal Life

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What does it mean to really let go of our ideals? Are you grieving the ideal life that you hoped to have, but don’t? Do dreams of “happily ever after” keep us stuck wishing and hoping that our lives were different than they are? How can we let go of our ideal life in order to fully embrace and enjoy the life we actually have? We talk about these issues and more on today’s episode.

Here’s Where We Go in Today’s Show: Grieving the Loss of the Ideal Life

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  • How do we let go of those dreams we’ve held for our lives?
  • Why grieving the ideal life is the only way to let go of idolatrous dreams and find the ones God has for us.
  • What is the grieving process and how does this apply to our ideals?
  • What stages of grief do we go through as we release our ideals?
  • Me and Cinderella – a song from the Wallflowers- that talks about giving up the fantasy to really live life.
  • It may not be that you believed life would be perfect, but perhaps you believed it would just be a “little better” than it is.
  • The only place where we’ll really find happily ever after.
  • What ideals do you have that you can’t let go of yet?

Coaching tip: What ideals am I still chasing and what do I need to grieve? Where am I still holding on to a Cinderella fantasy? Have I been grieving the loss of the ideal life or am I still chasing it?

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Grieving ideal life how to let go of lost dream and live

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