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Missions & Evangelism Training Seminars

When God called us to sell my business and be self funded missionaries back in 2005, He gave us a very clear vision and plan for us to follow. He called us to do 4 specific things as missionaries:

  • Preach in churches (to encourage & challenge members to participate in God’s mission)
  • Help church to share the Gospel in their community (community outreach events)
  • Share Christ in schools through our Quality Of Life school outreach project
  • Train pastors & church members to fulfill God’s mission to share the Gospel & make disciples
  • Help churches to make disciples. Through preaching, teaching, training seminars, and personal relationships

Partnership With Total Church Life Ministry

Since the beginning of our missions ministry in 2005 we have partnered with Dr. Darrell Robinson and Total Church Life Ministry. Darrell has published several books and training materials, and we utilize their People Sharing Jesus seminar. People Sharing Jesus is an excellent training seminar for helping people to learn to fearlessly share Christ with others in their daily lives. In fact it is the best missions & evangelism training material we have ever seen, because it goes far beyond just teaching a method to share the Gospel.

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Missions & Evangelism Training

We facilitate People Sharing Jesus missions & evangelism training seminars in churches to help train pastors, leaders, and members to powerfully and effectively evangelize their communities and fulfill God’s mission. People Sharing Jesus is an exciting, breakthrough missions & evangelism tool that provides training ideally suited for Christians at all levels of spiritual maturity who might be uncomfortable, reluctant, or fearful.

It will instill today’s visual learners with the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to successfully share Christ. People Sharing Jesus enables all Christians to experience the thrill of sharing Jesus with others just as God intended. We also encourage all members to participate in the 2nd part of God’s mission, to make disciples. We encourage and challenge all church members to invest in the lives of new believers, to teach & help them to become the faithful disciples that God wants them to be.

uganda, people sharing jesus, missions evangelism training
People Sharing Jesus seminar in Tororo Uganda
evangelism, missions, evangelism training, people sharing jesus training

Missions & evangelism training in Arusha Tanzania

People Sharing Jesus Seminars

Some of the topics that we teach in the People Sharing Jesus missions & evangelism training:

  • What is God’s mission for His people and church ?
  • How to successfully fulfill God’s mission
  • Powerfully share Jesus with others in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • How to pray for “divine appointments” and know when God has sent you one
  • How to overcome fear of sharing Christ with others
  • Why we can share Christ with others with confidence
  • How to write and share your Personal Testimony
  • Various methods to help you to share the Gospel with others
  • The 7 steps in leading a person to Christ
  • Biblical strategies to take the Gospel to lost people in your community
costa rica, mission trip, missions evengelism training

 People Sharing Jesus training in Jaco, Costa Rica
brazil, brasil, brazil missions, evangelism training

Missions & evangelism training seminar in Sao Paulo Brazil
missions & evangelism, missions & evangelism training seminars, sharing christ, witnessing training

Missions & evangelism training in Indaiatuba Brazil

Pursuing Intimacy With God

Pursuing Intimacy With God is committed to helping you with the most important thing in your life… your intimacy with God , your fellowship with Him, and your partnership with God in His Kingdom work & mission.

There are hundreds of Bible verses and great truths & promises in the Pursuing Intimacy With God studies book

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