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A decade ago, I was about to depart to cross half the country for my residency in Chaplaincy. I had just discovered the Other Man who had been part of the picture for months prior to my knowledge.

The summer of 2012 was a highly unpleasant summer for me. It felt hopeless, honestly. My marriage was coming to an end. I did not feel like I had a career.

Yet I had a glimmer… God had provided a way back to my home state with a job–the residency–that could lead to more, which it did.

Today, I have a very stable career working for the government as a Chaplain. I am married to an amazing woman who genuinely cares about me–as she cleans my living area since I am recovering from a minor case of Covid 19. Plus, I get to be a father to a girl who I adore and who adores me–when she’s not in one of her tween “moods.”

When we are in the darkest part of the endings, we may not have a vision for what God is preparing for us. We may just want to go back to the slavery of “Egypt” when God has prepared us for freedom in a land “flowing with milk and honey.”

Do not give up!

You, too, may look back on this day like I am ten years latter and thanking God for seeing me through my exodus from my own “Egypt.”

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