Wit’s End

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Do you ever feel like you can’t take something anymore? Sometimes things get too much and you feel like you are at your wit’s end. Maybe it’s a sick baby, financial stress, a difficulty in marriage, someone in your life who gets on your nerves, endless waiting etc. 

In those stressful moments, it’s easy to make rash decisions. As I was thinking about this, my son, Joseph, gave me a good example. He was stressed about lego. “I’m NEVER making anything with lego again,” he told me in frustration. Of course he will, he was just over it all at that moment.

Do you ever make big decisions when you are at your wit’s end? There are many different examples–leaving a church, choosing to homeschool or to put your children in school, divorce, no more babies, shifting, getting a job, quitting a job etc. Or it may be something much smaller.

Every decision we make should be done with much prayer and with our wills surrendered to God. Making rash decisions when we are stressed out can bring regret.

A devotional I read this week compared it to being in a valley. It said we should make decisions on the mountain top, not when we are in a valley. That way we can see clearly. Then we will move from mountain top to mountain top, rather than from valley to valley.

Wit’s end is not where we should jump ship. Wit’s end is where we should cry out to God in our desperation. He promises to help us and to make our storm a calm. He will give us the wisdom to see clearly and to make the right decisions.

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