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David Derksen

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For the land is full of adultery, and it lies under a curse. The land itself is in mourning— its wilderness pastures are dried up. For they all do evil and abuse what power they have.

-Jeremiah 23:10,NLT

When the cheater is a pastor or “Christian” counselor, it brings another layer of evil to the matter, in my opinion.

Both ought to know through their own profession how damaging the sins of adultery and its accompanying deceit is. They, obviously, know it is wrong to behave in this way.

Yet they do it anyways.

When a pastor does this, it creates an additional layer of destruction as the pastor often is seen as a representative of God.

The faithful spouse then has to separate the wicked behavior of that pastor from what God actually thinks about the matter of adultery.

When a “Christian” counselor commits adultery, the layer of destruction looks a little different.

In this case, it can create a sense of danger and distrust of all counselors. This is particularly awful considering how the faithful spouse needs good counsel especially in this time.

None of this is new, though.

The Prophet Jeremiah lamented back in his day about how the leaders of the people were caught–just like everyone else in the nation–in wickedness. In fact, the next verse he talks about how the priests even perform wickedness in the Temple.

My encouragement to you, faithful spouse, is to respond to this evil the way Jeremiah did:

Jeremiah did not allow human wickedness to separate him from his good and just God.  

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