Asian Romance

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Different sensitivities and love languages than from Hollywood

Asian romantic movies or series on YouTube show a different love language than I’m used to from Western dramas. There must be many differences between the different Asian cultures, but I don’t see them. They all seem to have one verb for like and live. Here’s a summary:

You Protect Me

I need your strong arms.

You Made Me a Meal

You made me a lunch box. You fed me. Seems to compare to Western holding hands. You like taking care of me. You see me. I’m important to you. You looked at my wound and cleaned and dressed it.

You Are Jealous

Envy is not a human weakness but a charming revelation of love. You can’t live without me. You can’t risk losing me. Polyamory doesn’t exist?

You Stare at Me

I’m irresistible. That doesn’t make you sex-crazed. It must be deep love. Especially when their eyes by accident (falling) inadvertently lock. They sink into the other’s eyes and like deer in headlights, are caught and paralyzed. Fred Astaire would also deeply ‘fall in love’ in a second for just catching a glimpse of the girl. We now would say: get a grip on yourself.

You Forced Yourself on Me

It would be great to break the resistance of the loved, shy person. In the West, this would land you in jail. In these clips, it’s seen as the height of romance, proof of strong attraction and love, of one being irresistible, the other overcome by passion and love. Lately, though, an overpowering person would then say: If you really don’t want me, I’ll let you go forever.


These opposites are supposed to attract. Seldon you see a strong person say to the other: You’re strong too. Or a vulnerable person say: I’m sure, you have feelings too. Here is an exception. It bridges class differences:

Extreme Gender Roles

The machos are super macho, the whiners super whiners. This is supposed to be attractive to the other. The man must be confident, taller, muscled; the woman the opposite; Gay couples must have a similar division.

But, a boy can learn to love his dead girlfriend reincarnated into a boy:

Maybe Kissing

In the end. No sex scenes. Sleeping in one bed without any sexual act. Nipples of men are already considered very sexy. Is all of this prudish national norms, culture, film censorship, or Asian romance? Like here:

A tree is known by its fruit. Only this tree has quite a variety of produce, so please don’t judge the trunk after one helping.
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