I Can’t Rush Christmas

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It seems like every year, the Christmas decorations hit the stores earlier and earlier.   Now that it’s November, they are starting to fill everyone’s homes. I myself have been guilty of watching some of the clean-cut Christmas romances that are peppering the weekend TV schedules. And while I love Christmas day, I have found myself really wondering why people rush to celebrate so early.

If I am honest, there is a heaviness in my heart this time of year. For those of us that come from broken families, Christmas doesn’t always hold happy memories.

Sometimes?…… Sometimes Christmas is a reminder of being overlooked, rejected, or even discarded.

Sometimes?…..Sometimes Christmas is a reminder of a meal made with love only to find empty seats at the table.

Sometimes?…..Sometimes Christmas is a reminder of the attempts to find healing only to be met with accusations and more abuse.

Sometimes?…..Sometimes Christmas is a reminder of all the things that childhood should have been, but wasn’t.

I don’t rush Christmas. I can’t. I have to process the emotions that come with it. I have to prepare myself to face what I couldn’t last year or the year before. I have to gather my racing thoughts before I can package them under the tree.

What if.

What if……… instead of racing to Christmas, we raced to Jesus?

What if……….instead of planning and preparing our homes for one day, we planned and prepared our hearts for every day?

What if………. instead of our focus being on the trees and the lights and the perfect sale, we focused on the promise of restoration that will come, even if that isn’t on this side of heaven?

What if.

I can handle that. I can handle hope. I can handle promise. I can handle restoration and redemption.

It’s almost as if Christmas wasn’t meant to be about presents or trees.  

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