Crossmap Podcast: Author Mike Kinney on Being Pulled ‘Out of the Fire’ and Into a Life of Undeniable Purpose

Chris D. Carpenter

Author Mike Kinney

When I was a teenager, one of my best friends was in a horrific car wreck. With numerous life-threatening injuries, medical professionals at our local hospital didn’t think he would make it through the night. He had lost just too much blood and one of his major organs had been severely damaged. 

But miraculously, he made it through the night … and then a second night and then a third. Soon days became weeks and eventually a release from the hospital and back to normal life about a month later.

My friend was a living miracle. While many in our town pointed to medical science and precision care as the reason for his survival, his family held tightly to their belief that he survived due to the power of prayer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Author Mike Kinney has a similar story but with a twist. At 17 years old, his truck slammed into a telephone pole and burst into flames. Moments before the flames consumed his truck, he was pulled from the twisted metal wreckage by a friend … and a mysterious stranger. 

It was in this miracle that Kinney discovered the power of God’s presence and a new calling on his life. Now, he is telling his story of agony, miracles, and rebirth in his new book, Out of the Fire: How an Angel and Stranger Intervened to Save a Life.

My friend and my guest are living proof that God still performs miracles. And each of these guys will be the first to tell you that they would not be here without the love, support, and most importantly the prayers that delivered them from death.

Kinney joins us on the Crossmap Podcast to talk about how it was through this accident that he really discovered God’s purpose for his life. Listen as he shares how his story demonstrates how God can move one life to spread His message and love to millions of others.

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