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For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders….

-Mark 7:21, KJV

When the Jesus talks about sin here, he is very clear about its origin. Sin proceeds–i.e. originates–from the heart of the sinner.

This is basic theology. I am saddened by how so many pastors and Christian counselors lose sight of this basic lesson.

They proceed as if the adultery–which is sin–came from anything except the twisted and spiritually sick heart of the adulterous spouse.

Life pressures can reveal the spiritual sickness. It does not cause it, though. Plenty of spouses are in similarly–or worse–stressful situations and never choose to cheat.

You can be poor and faithful to your spouse. The status of poverty does not necessarily lead to infidelity. Poor people can maintain their integrity. Cheaters just choose otherwise. It has nothing to do with one’s wealth.

Some people do not have the emotional (or physical) availability of their spouse; yet they do not cheat. A classic example of this are the millions of faithful military spouses over hundreds of years.

The origin or cause of the cheating is located in the heart of the sinner. It is that root that needs addressing, if one wants to truly deal with the sin.


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