What took Jordan so long to make a sequel to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

Updated to a movie, a fictional Palestinian Anne Frank spreads Jew hatred

International Antisemitism knows no letting up yet. Daily.


Not only are Jews by Jordanian law not allowed to reside in the artificial kingdom; just walking through it makes you shudder from all the hatred.

The world is happily and eagerly spreading yet another conspiracy theory about Israel/G^d’s People. I think those are called theory euphemistically because these conspiracies only exist in theory, between the ears of some.

This will become a classic, showing the world the hatred there is in Jordan.


Meanwhile, Pollywood (Palestinian Hollywood flooding the world with fabricated ‘scandals’ by Israel) is making overtime, forming a case for the claim that Israel ‘executed’ of a veteran Christian-Palestinian reporter. Yet, clearly, the TV-journalist died as she lived, sowing hatred for Israel.


Amazon sells Jew hatred because it likes people to be diversely informed. What will be next? Women are plotting to reduce men to sperm donors? The Left will first take your money, only then your life because it wants to see you suffer? The Gay Agenda: how your kids will be corrupted and raped? Mein Kampf? Blood libels don’t inform. They only spread hatred.


Meanwhile, the United Nations, on the date it originally approved of the State of Israel, now approved that this should be regarded as a calamity. (This, two weeks after it voted to bring the Jews’ occupation of Palestine to ICC in the Hague.) NB: Not that Muslim-Palestinian leaders’ hope was dashed that Hitler’s work was not finished by the Arab Nations, but that they, the squatters, were forced to admit the native, original owners who never relinquished ownership to the lands from which they were expelled.

The collections of mostly dictatorships deceptively called the UN (falsely because these tyrants have no mandates from the Peoples they oppress) regarding Israel continues to be on the wrong side of history.


International Antisemitism is well and kicking. Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of Jewish supremacy. Jew hatred continues to morph to stay up-to-date and potent. Every umbrella group needs to actively fight Antisemitism in its ranks, or it will become a tool to perpetuate Jew hate.


The Palestinian Authority, the euphemism for the bunch of terrorists and dictators that oppress and suck dry the West Bank Christians and Muslims, also has a new motto for their unending fight against the legitimacy of Jews and their State. “Israel has stopped to be a peace partner. We have no one to talk to anymore. They’re destroying the Two-State Solution.” Funny that Israel has claimed this about them for decades. No, the truth doesn’t lie in the middle. They never wanted two states. We must wait and see if Biden’s unwavering love for Jews will keep winning it from his naivety.

A tree is known by its fruit. Only this tree has quite a variety of produce, so please don’t judge the trunk after one helping.
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