New York Times Bestselling Author Explores the ‘Case for Heaven’ in New Movie Project

Long before Lee Strobel became a bestselling author, most notably for his watershed book, The Case for Christ, he was a nose-to-the-grindstone investigative reporter known for his relentless pursuit of the truth. But beyond the grit and grind of the hard-charging newspaper industry, Strobel was an avowed atheist. So deeply-rooted in his beliefs that he set out to debunk every claim that Christianity ever made.  There was only one problem.  He couldn’t do it. 

In similar dogged fashion, Strobel had a brush with death a few years ago that inspired him to explore mankind’s biggest fear: what happens when we die?  Do we go to heaven, hell, or someplace in between? The end result for him was a book, The Case for Heaven, that took readers on a detailed exploration of the most logical outcomes for a human being’s demise.

Strobel joins’s Chris Carpenter to discuss his latest movie project, The Case for Heaven, a Fathom movie event to be shown in theaters nationwide April 4, 5, and 6.  Listen as Strobel builds his case in support of the afterlife, why death is not the end of our existence, and what actually happens when we take our last breath.

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