Should We Say “Good Riddance to 2022”?

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Should We Say “Good Riddance to 2022”?

My husband, Larry, and I were talking about our past year and he said, “Good riddance. I can’t wait for 2023!” I felt the same and it seemed reasonable.

We had experienced a flurry of surprising challenges this past year, including both of us being treated for cancer. I had breast cancer surgery (read about my journey HERE) and Larry had radiation for prostate cancer.

Also, we are still adjusting to living in a different state which brought good and unexpected adjustments. We were caught off guard in many ways including our ministry being diminished.

Yet, we reflected on many wonderful parts of 2022 including the best part of living closer to some family members, even as we are farther from other family members.

So after our initial thought of “Good Riddance to 2022,” we began thinking, “What does saying ‘good riddance’ really mean? Is it a godly response?” We decided it could indicate:

  • An all or nothing attitude that all of 2022 was bad and 2023 is guaranteed to be good.

  • God was just as surprised as we were and maybe even caught off guard like we were.

  • God wasn’t really very wise and will treat us better next year.

  • Maybe the Bible is wrong when God says His ways are always intended for our good.

  • God will have another opportunity to prove Himself good and faithful in 2023.

  • God will be just as eager and relieved to say “good riddance” as we are.

Now I recognize these ideas seem silly, even ridiculous, because they are extreme and not what we really think we mean by “good riddance.” After all, isn’t it sorta a “throw-away” kind of phrase we toss out there to express our desire for better circumstances? And if we’re honest, even no difficulties at all?

But what is your heart and mind really believing?

The truth as the Bible tells us is:

to expect difficulties

all things work together for good to those who love God

God is sovereign over all and does what He pleases

God providentially plans for good in the midst of difficulty, uncertainty, and pain

God uses afflictions of all sorts to develop our faith and dependence on Him.

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Used by permission of Kathy Collard Miller.

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