Failing to learn from Job’s friends: “The Assessment” – Divorce Minister

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As I have observed, those who plow evil
    and those who sow trouble reap it.

-Job 4:8, NIV

Within the evangelical culture, the belief that the faithful spouse did something “to deserve” the adulterous desertion of their partner is all too prevalent.

They have not learned from this erroneous assessment by one of Job’s friends as they came to “comfort” him. Such Christians assume the affliction is “just deserves.”

This is a real problem. It is hurtful and frustrating to encounter such erroneous thinking.

Accompanying this sort of thinking is the idea that the divorced faithful spouse needs to “own their part” of a divorce from a cheater. This assumption is made as if it is the entry price for being considered a “good Christian.” It is hogwash.

Let’s just say we do not want to be echoing the advice of Job’s friends in this verse. They were in the wrong.

It is past time the Church learns this as it comes to divorce from cheaters. The faithful spouse did not “bring it on themselves.” To even think such thing is despicable and calloused.


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