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David Derksen

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Thou shalt not commit adultery.

-Exodus 20:14, KJV

Such energy–especially in churches–is better spent teaching what the Bible teaches–namely, adultery is ALWAYS unacceptable. Circumstances matter not.

I wonder how many marriages would have been saved this trauma (and potentially divorce) if this was the major theme taught in Christ’s Body. Sadly, it seems like a minor theme.

Practically speaking, pastors and counselors teach contrary things. They work to figure out the “complicating” circumstances in the marriage. The last thing many do is state the simple truth:

This blog was created as a counterpoint to such dereliction of duty. I called it “Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously” because often adultery isn’t taken seriously–even in the church.

Adultery is often treated as a side event as oppose to the main issue for marriages rocked by this heinous sin.

Adultery is never acceptable. God never gives us permission to sin. Adultery is always sin. It is that simple. All the rest is just truth avoidance.


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