Praying for Financial Abundance: The Practical Guide

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When I first considered writing this piece, I felt a little weird. I mean, praying for financial abundance? That seems like it might not be very Jesus-y. But the unfortunate truth is we all need money to survive and thrive.

While money doesn’t make us happy, it can help us provide for our families and pursue our goals. Another thing I’ve discovered recently about money is that when I have more, I’m able to give more. I LOVE being able to help provide micro-loans to women in developing countries, sponsor children so they can get an education, and help terrified pregnant women through the work of our local pregnancy counseling centre.

That said, it can be challenging to figure out how to achieve financial abundance, or even financial freedom, practically. Many of us turn to prayer as a solution, but what does that look like? This blog post will discuss the practical aspects of praying for financial abundance.

When Financial Pressures Are Getting Your Down

Feeling overwhelmed by financial pressures and believing that your prayers will make a difference can be difficult. However, the power of prayer is real, not just because it helps us stay positive and focused on our goals even when things seem impossible, but because the REAL power behind prayer is our amazing, loving abundant God. This is the God who says:

Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Matthew 7:9-11 NIV

In moments of despair, pray for strength and guidance as you take steps toward finding financial abundance. Prayer can also help you find the courage to take risks and make decisions that will bring success, such as buying or selling your car or starting a side business.

Prayer sometimes sends you across the path of someone or someplace that can help, for example, when buying a car. Prayer might help in many ways, as it might give you the courage to do what needs to be done, solve your indecisiveness or send a person or a place over your path that may help you in the right direction. For example, deciding to invest in a family vehicle, you may fear the additional financial risk. MyCar has given many people excellent guidance on what vehicle they could afford without any added pressure to buy or feeling of financial insecurity. With the help of MyCar, you may be able to find a safe, reliable car that fits within our budget.

Prayer Is Not About Asking For Money Directly

When many think about praying for money, we might feel we must beg or plead with God for the funds we need. However, prayer is not about asking for money directly. Instead, it’s about asking God to help you find the resources and opportunities you need. In addition, you can pray for wisdom as you make decisions about your finances and courage as you work towards achieving your goals.

Moreover, though praying for money can seem like a shortcut to getting what you want quickly, it’s important to remember that prayer is not a magical formula that will instantly bring abundance into your life—it requires effort on your part too. God doesn’t hand out money trees, but he can help you find a better job or stay away from a bad business deal. Moreover, praying is only one step of the process; if you truly want financial abundance, you must also take actionable steps toward achieving it.

Why Does It Feel Wrong To Pray For Financial Abundance?

It’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable praying for financial abundance. After all, money is often associated with greed and materialism, so asking God for more of it can feel like a moral violation. However, this line of thinking ignores the reality that having money brings greater access to resources and opportunities that can be used to benefit others and make our world a better place.

Ultimately, the key to prayer is not the amount of money you ask for, but rather, your attitude. When you pray for financial abundance, express gratitude for what God has already given you, and be open to receiving God’s blessing instead of asking Him for something in particular. Praying with this mindset will open up more possibilities than taking a demanding or entitled approach.

Practical Steps To Financial Abundance

In addition to praying for guidance and courage on your journey toward financial abundance, you should take several practical steps to increase your chances of success.

One such step is budgeting—establishing a budget allows you to track where your money goes each month to ensure that it’s being spent wisely and appropriately allocated toward meeting long-term goals. I learned a lot about budgeting from Dave Ramsey’s books and programs.

It’s also important to avoid taking on too much debt—make sure that any debt you take on has low-interest rates and reasonable repayment plans so that it won’t become too burdensome.

If done right, investing money in stocks or other investments can also be beneficial. Make sure you do plenty of research before investing to know exactly what risks are involved with each investment option before committing any funds.

Finally, setting specific financial goals helps keep you focused on what matters most when working towards financial security or wealth accumulation over time. Without clearly defined objectives, it’s easy to get sidetracked by day-to-day spending habits or flashy investment schemes, which may ultimately cost more than they gain in the long run. In addition, the godly trait of contentment will likely grow in you as you say NO to the things that will derail your efforts, because you’ll start to discover you can actually live with less than you expected. Living in contentment actually can have a HUGE impact on whether or not you feel like you have financial abundance.

Prayer can be a powerful tool to help us strive for our financial goals, but it must always be accompanied by action and discipline. With prayer, we can seek guidance from God to make wise decisions about our finances and tap into the courage needed to achieve greater abundance. Through this combination of faith and practical steps, we can find ourselves on the path to financial success.

Written by Christie Thomas of Little Shoots Deep Roots.

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