Bible lesson: qualities of a widow

Bible lesson: qualities of a widow

Posted on November 18, 2019

Read 1 Timothy 5 vs 9-16

  1. Dont declare anyone a widow until she is 60 years old – vs 9
  2. A widow should have been the wife of only one man, not married to several men in the past -vs9
  3. People should speak of her as doing good works -vs 10
  4. A good widow takes care of strangers- vs 10
  5. A godly widow is humble and a servant in the Church – vs 10
  6. A godly widow is a helper -vs 10
  7. A widow should be chaste and avoid lusts vs 13
  8. A widow should be bussiness minded not idle or a gossiper vs 13
  9. A widow should not plan to marry again.
  10. Believers should take care of widows – vs 16

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