BOOK REVIEW: YOUR FINANCES GOD’S WAY: A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money by Scott LaPierre (2022) — Faith and Finances Ministry

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Book Reviewed by Patrick Blair on August 12, 2022

First Impression Versus Lasting Impression: The book title accurately describes the book, which is a solid, spiritual treatise on the biblical perspectives about money. The book also provides ample practicals and personal examples.

The Book in a Word: CHALLENGING.

Summary: The author, Scott LaPierre, has nine children, but has done well financially on a modest income by living within his means, God’s way!  The book makes no apologies and has a no excuses tone.  It covers the many Biblical angles of looking at money and how we should manage it in a spiritual way.

What I Liked the Most: The heavy biblical foundation for the entire book.  While not always easy to hear, the hard-hitting biblical truth is what we need.  As well, I really liked some of the more in-depth bible analysis on how God uses money as a metaphor for other spiritual principles.

What I liked the least: The financial practicals were somewhat rigid, similar to Dave Ramsey, and in some ways even more so.  Paying cash for a house is not only impossible for most in many U.S. geographies, but also limits a person’s ability to responsibly utilize debt.  The tone of the book was also a little unsympathetic, perhaps stemming from the author’s disciplined, hard-won financial success.

Recommended for: those seeking a no nonsense, biblical perspective on money and guidelines for achieving stable, God-pleasing finances.  I believe this book might especially appeal to two groups: 1) those who have a humble financial situation who need perseverance to see them through, and 2) those who want a deep dive into biblical perspectives on money.

Not Recommended for: those who want a more flexible view on money and wealth.  Applying Your Finances God’s Way’s practicals might be too limiting for you and might turn you off to the other great biblical principles taught throughout.  You might perceive the author’s views as unnecessarily conservative. Website Categories Covered: Personal Finance, Biblical Perspectives, and Giving

Reading Level: Basic … Intermediate … Advanced … Scholarly.

Interesting Concept: LaPierre confidently makes the case that Christians are not commanded to tithe, but rather give from a higher standard.  See Chapter 7.  This boldly runs counter to many churches’ teachings.  This is also taught in the Faith and Finances book in Chapter 1.

Great Quotes: “More wisdom is required with finances than most parts of the Christian life; therefore, managing money involves more than mere self-control and discipline.” (p. 15).  “I once watched a fascinating video of a man trapping a monkey. …” (p. 57, the analogy being that the monkey allowed himself to be trapped because he couldn’t let go of the food, just as people can’t let go of the love of money).  “Fifty-three percent who took out student loans say they regret doing so, and 43 percent say they regret going to college altogether.” (p.164).   

Spiritual Content: A lot!

Book Citation: LaPierre, Scott. Your Finances God’s Way: A biblical guide to making the best use of your money. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 2022.

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