FMF— Reach

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday blog link-up. Where I join up with a community of writers and bloggers of all ages and stages who gather around a single-word prompt to free-write, unscripted, unedited, for five minutes. This week’s word prompt is {{REACH}}

Your Dictionary describes Reach like this— To touch or grasp by stretching out or extending. To go as far as; attain. The distance or extent covered in stretching, obtaining, influencing, etc.

That pretty much says it am I right? I’m 5’4 in height, so I sometimes have difficulty reaching things. Those who know me well don’t recommend me standing on something so that I can reach it— Because your friend Miss. Clumsy here is a fall risk. 

My best friend, however, is 5’3 in height, and she has even more trouble reaching things. But we have established that my inch sometimes makes a difference. Sometimes I’ll ask her, “do you need my inch”? And sure enough, most times, it works. 


“God’s ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development. He wants you to grow up spiritually and become like Christ.”

— Rick Warren

“Sometimes it is the destinations out of reach that create the circumstances God uses to remind that we are never out of his reach.”

— Andy Stanley