How To Help Young Believers Overcome Bitterness? - Raising Zion

overcoming bitterness

Youth in pentecostal churches have the same frustrations generation after generation. Nothing new. Even though they are fed the best spiritual food. The internal fight, when not brought under the subjection of God’s word, turns them into bitter, disgusted believers.

Why do they get bitter?

The number one reason is, looking at others rather than Jesus. When ministers and elders preach but do not practice, it tears them apart from the inside. They get disillusioned and distressed. Though they are taught to look at Jesus alone, they want to see perfect examples before them.

How to overcome bitterness?

Jesus saved us so we can look at Him alone and love like Him. This salvation by grace through faith is a launchpad for all believers to be like Jesus, not expect from faulty humans. The worldly expect evidence from one another. The believer already has the evidence (Jesus) and now needs to walk in obedience to God’s word.

It takes a loving and compassionate heart to explain to children and youth why things happen when they happen. It is necessary to respond to silent, vulnerable hearts and minds about how to move forward.

Once a “rich” believer shouted at a Pastor while he was preaching. The matter got settled quickly, but the incident brought the wrong kind of fear in the hearts of the children. A teacher before starting her Sunday school class chapter, asked the children if they wanted to talk about what happened. The children were scared at first, but then the teacher helped them understand why we need to correct our thinking before it takes root in the heart and forms an opinion that is grounded in anger or hate or bitterness. The children all poured out their questions, and everyone realised they all felt the same. After the teacher explained the right and the wrong with examples from scripture and the life of Jesus, the dust settled, the children were happy again.

Guide children and youth to be like Jesus. Testify. Be an example. Pray without ceasing. Maranatha, praise God and amen.