Might have wasted more years! - Divorce Minister

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In his mercy, God knew I probably would have held onto my first marriage well beyond what was good for me.

So, my ex filed on me, and I decided fighting the divorce was not worth it. I was not going to fight against a divorce that a cheater was seeking. That was her choice–yet another in a series of poor, sinful ones.

That said, the divorce was scary for me. I had a lot to lose professionally as a Christian minister added to my own bias against getting a divorce. These were all things I had to overcome.

Today, I am grateful for that divorce.

It cleared the way for the abundant life I have today with Mrs. DM and Munchkin. I could not see that future, though, when going through the divorce.

I do not know where you might be regarding your marriage’s fate. My encouragement to you is that divorce is not the worst option. It is hard and painful–but it can be a mercy freeing you from abuse as cheating is abuse.

Life can and does get better after divorcing the cheater! I know as I’ve lived it.