We’ve still unity when 20-odd ministers and 60-odd MKs disagree with the People

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We’re not divided; rather, the government is isolated from us

Simply ridiculous how the embattled coalition tries to reframe the protests against its attacks on minority rights as if they are a threatened minority, defenders of democracy and the protestors the bullies.

Democracy is deeply rooted in the minds of the Israeli public. No verbal tricks can confuse or intimidate us. The idea that we need support from abroad for this is simply preposterous and can only sprout from someone completely detached from the People and the situation in Israel.

You’d think a coalition that lost its majority in the polls and Knesset still has roughly half the country behind it. It has not. Look at the examples.

1. Netanyahu has always been Mr. Capitalism. Well, bedrocks of capitalism, nationally and internationally, like heads of banks (the biggest legal thieves in Israel) call upon him to stop the madness—and he doesn’t. What’s even worse for his job stability is that he’s breaking the law.

2. The ultra-Orthodox parties permit the legal overhaul craziness to have Israel run to the abyss, so you would think their constituents would soon clash with the secular majority. Not at all. When the demonstrators on Thursday en masse entered Benei Berak, the ultra-Orthodox inhabitants welcomed them with each a hug, drinks, and warm tchulent (the longer it cooks, the taster it gets). So much for the ‘threat of a civil war.’

3. The defense minister wanted to quit to stop the assault on democracy. Netanyahu talked him out of it. But the conscripts won’t have it. Former and reserve IDF soldiers in great numbers call for a strike (now, without bullets). For 75 years, our military has been trained that Befehl ist Befehl doesn’t count—quite naturally for a Jewish State that reemerged after the Holocaust. An immoral order must be disobeyed. You can’t have a civil war when the army is united. You can have a coup, like in any dictatorship. No. the striking is moral so it makes us stronger, not weaker. Netanyahu just fired the messenger, the Defense Minister. That won’t change anything.

4. After the minister of police had bullied coalition women (and men) into voting against extra protection for endangered women, a next woman was murdered by her partner. The security minister had called for the death penalty against terrorists. Spouse-murderers are terrorists, but you won’t hear him call for the death penalty now. That’s only for Arabs, in his mind. More than half of the country are women, and all inhabitants were born from a mother. How long do you think anyone can still be bullied into supporting a government that holds that women’s blood is cheap?

5. Not only 10% of all demonstrators seem to self-identifying as LGBTQ+; on average, every third person has a first-degree LGBTQ+ family member besides friends and colleagues. No régime can step over such numbers.

6. Enormous numbers of former and present judges and lawyers in Israel and abroad have called upon not continuing the legal onslaught. There is no doubt that the present High Court will strike down any assault on it. In case of the unthinkable, if they go liberal on that too, the next Knesset should impeach every Judge who failed to protect the Court’s power. I explained before why the pretext that judges are not elected is nonsense.

7. The police have refused to make political arrests. They work to balance public order and the right to demonstrate. The minister of police can say whatever he wants. The head of the police declared clearly that without public support, the police cannot function.

8. A rabbinic majority from around the globe have condemned the neck-break speed at which the government tries to bring new laws.

9. The Likud, not the country, is about to split. There goes the coalition.

10. Last but not least, the think tank that helped develop the concept to have politics override judicial scrutiny has now recanted this idea.

Our democracy has already won. Not without our continuous protests. But those are already a given.

The Netanyahu team has several options: 1. To tactically withdraw, to water and pace down its plans temporally, to be defeated later when they try to jump on us when we’re not looking. Forget it. We’re looking. 2. To slow down the evil in its midst and admit it was mistaken (most unlikely). 3. Or to break up toward new elections with giant losses for the coalition.

We already won. Become an activist yet today to join the victory party.

A tree is known by its fruit. Only this tree has quite a variety of produce, so please don’t judge the trunk after one helping.
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