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    Are Your Beliefs Hindering Your Business Success?

    Dave Kahle,

    by Dave Kahle | Sep 6, 2022 | Podcasts for Christian Business People | 0 comments https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/24122433/height/100/width//thumbnail/yes/render-playlist/no/theme/custom/tdest_id/755512/custom-color/87A93A Is the purpose of your business to just to make money?  Is this accurate?  Or, is it a false belief that hinders your business success?

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    On to the Upper Midwest

    Wayne Jacobsen,

    Today we finished up in Colorado and are heading up north to Wyoming to spend some time with my podcast co-host Kyle Rice and his family in Torrington, WI.  We’ve had a number of options from there but what has most settled in our hearts is a wide open door in Duluth, MN and then head through … Continued

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    Podcast: Second and Third John

    Cole Feix,

    Check out the So We Speak podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. John was by far the longest-living disciple of Christ. He faced persecution and, ultimately, exile to the island of Patmos. Second and Third John were most likely written at the very end of his life – possibly after Revelation to the second generation of believers after the church began in Acts two. Second John refers to an “elect lady.” This most likely refers to a church because John says, “whom I love in the truth… and all who...

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    Podcast: Decline and Renewal of the American Church

    Cole Feix,

    Check out the So We Speak podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. In this episode, Cole and Terry discuss the fourth installment of Tim Keller's essay "The Decline and Renewal of the American Church." They touch on reasons for decline and strategies, promises, and glimpses of renewal. Keller’s purpose for this article is renewal. He argues that the church needs it and the culture needs it. God’s love requires renewal. Keller identifies the “why” of renewal with a single statement: Christianity ...

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    Podcast: The Book of Leviticus

    Cole Feix,

    Check out the So We Speak podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Leviticus may not be anyone's favorite book of the Bible, but it is central to understanding how and why we worship God. Cole and Terry discuss the outline and purpose of Leviticus and draw lessons for our worship today. “Leviticus” as a word comes from the tribe of “Levi.” This book is a manual for the priesthood and how Israel was to live before God. This book also deals with sacrifices, holiness, feasts, and the priesthood. Th...

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    Crossmap Podcast: NYT Bestselling Author Jerry B. Jenkins on ‘The Chosen’ and Writing for a New Generation

    Chris D. Carpenter,

    We are not being careless when we say that our guest today, Jerry B. Jenkins, is one of the most prolific authors of this generation, or any generation for that matter. Penning more than 200 books, including 21 New York Times bestsellers, Jerry has sold more than 72 million cumulative copies worldwide.   Best known for … Continued

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    Podcast: The Book of Zechariah

    Cole Feix,

    Check out the So We Speak podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. The book of Zechariah falls under Apocalyptic literature and draws heavily from the books of Haggai, Malachi, and Isaiah. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah are also a part of Israel’s return from exile. A basic outline of Zechariah: Introduction: 1:1-7 Night Visions: 1:8-8:23 Exhortation to Israel: 7-8 Two Oracles: 9:1-11:3, 12-13 Day of the Lord: 14 Zechariah quotes and relies heavily on Isaiah and Micah. Zechariah 3:10 reads, “In ...

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    Podcast: The Book of Micah

    Cole Feix,

    Check out the So We Speak podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Micah prophesied in Southern Judah in the eighth century B.C. before the Assyrian exile. His message is one of warning yet provides a glimmer of hope for the coming Savior. Micah’s message ties in with the other prophets. Liberal theology views these similarities as a social movement. However, the similarity between the prophetic messages in the Old Testament is evidence of God as the Divine Author of Scripture. Chapter One deal...

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