• Overwhelmed — Carol McLeod Ministries

    Carol McLeod,

    “Overwhelmed” is such an overwhelming word, isn’t it? I often feel the tentacles of that which is urgent threaten to strangle the very life out of me. Do you?There are so many things in life that have the capacity to overwhelm us …to conquer us …to bury us … at any given moment in life. For me, it seems that I am traveling along just fine through the life I have been given. I enjoy the view even though it seems that it is all flying by way too quickly. I have the pedal to the medal with my hands firmly placed on the steering wheel … when suddenly … out of nowhere … an unexpected circumstance abruptly appears in front of me and I lose all control!Can you relate?I might be spinning plates but I love every one of those plates! I am focused on keeping every plate at optimum speed and I am actually doing a pretty good job at the perpetual spinning … when suddenly – something unpredictable is thrown at me and everything else comes crashing down!Does anyone else know what I am talking about?!For everyone … there are financial challenges … political issues that we don’t begin to understand and refuse to have an opinion on … stresses at work and stresses in the home.For some of you … there are the challenges of being married … or of being single.For moms there are the children … the pets … grocery shopping … cleaning … soccer practice … piano lessons … homework that lasts late into the night … and the never ending “To-Do” list.For dads there are the challenges of career … of paying the bills … of never having enough time to go around … of exercise … of yard work … of the home repairs … of politics in the workplace.Do you see yourself in any of the lists above?My friend, if you and I are not careful, we will rush through life looking at all of the temporary pleasures rather than enjoying the rich, eternal view that has been given to us by God the Father. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” – Psalm 61:2 The Psalmist knew that there would inevitably be times in life when the word “overwhelmed” would describe our very existence; his advice is as rich and as wise today as it was thousands of years ago.When you are overwhelmed … don’t be overwhelmed!When you are overwhelmed … change your focus!When you are overwhelmed … change your direction!When you are overwhelmed … let someone else do the leading!When you are overwhelmed … go to Jesus!If you are overwhelmed today, something has to change in your life!

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