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    Worship Leading: 4 Major Ways To Improve

    Mark Cole,

    Leading people in worship to the Living God is an awesome privilege and really involves four major areas: music, worship, leadership (people) and your relationship with God. The more you understand and grow in each area, the stronger your worship leading should become. I have been leading worship with congregations ranging from 70 to 7000 people for over … Continued

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    Singing: 7 Keys To Improving Pitch

    Mark Cole,

    When I am auditioning new singers, one of the main things I listen for is their ability to sing in-tune. There are few things that ruin singing more than being out-of-tune. If you are a singer or working with singers, here are 7 keys to help improve musical pitch. 1. Warm Up The Voice One of the … Continued

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    How To Be A Great Backup Singer

    Mark Cole,

    It’s one thing to have a great voice. It is quite another to possess the skills it takes to make your worship leader want to schedule you as often as possible. Here are some solid tips on how to improve. 1. Master the three vital elements of singing The three most important features of your voice … Continued

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    Worship Charts: 7 Keys To A Great Rehearsal

    Mark Cole,

    One of the keys to having an excellent rehearsal is preparing great worship charts. I have found that worship bands frequently go into rehearsals with haphazard charts. No one has taken the time to really think through all the details of the songs. Next level leaders are prepared and a big part of that preparation is working on excellent charts. There … Continued

  • lucas-alexander-njaQKSM365I-unsplash-43V81AnY

    Worship Leading: 7 Keys To Becoming Invisible

    Mark Cole,

    Have you ever been in a great worship service and the worship leader and team seemed to disappear and your complete focus turned to worshiping Jesus? Strong worship leaders know that worship is never about them, it’s about putting our gaze and attention on Jesus. Here are some keys to leading people toward Jesus in … Continued

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    Worship Rehearsal Checklist

    Mark Cole,

    Solid prep work is essential for excellent rehearsals. Here is an extensive checklist to help you with many of the details. A) Pre-Rehearsal Checklist (1-3 weeks ahead) Book all players and singers (I usually book everyone a month ahead… and I use planningcenter.com and follow-up late members with texts if needed) Pray about the worship list. Ask God … Continued

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