15 Sure Ways To Make Your Husband Value You - Olubunmi Mabel

Your husband should value you even without you trying to make him.

You shouldn’t be running breathlessly to get your husband to value and cherish you because it’s his duty.

I just thought to put that out there.

But does that mean there aren’t things you can do to make him value you more and give him more reason to hold you in high esteem?

Of course, there are.

There are very practical things you can do that will make your husband appreciate and esteem you better than he has been doing.

I know you want to get those tips, and out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll share them with you.

How To Make Your Husband Value You – 15 Sure Ways

1. Value yourself

How to Make Your Husband Value You. 15 Sure Ways:

If you’re trying to make your husband value you when you don’t even value yourself, you need to give up already.

If you don’t see the value in yourself, chances are that other people won’t either, and that includes your husband.

Your feelings of inferiority will be perceived and seen, and it somehow affects how people relate to you.

Even if your husband already values you, you can sabotage what he has for you if you don’t value yourself.

To get your husband to value you, you must first value yourself.

2. Value and respect him

Respect is reciprocal, and value is also a two-way street.

Don’t expect a husband you disregard and undermine to place value on you.

To get him to see your value, start by seeing his.

Show him respect and esteem by giving regard to his person, feelings, opinions, and decisions.

Let him be involved in important things, seek his opinion, and respect them.

Involve him in decision-making and let him feel respected and valued.

3. Be vocal

how to make your husband value you

If you will be valued, your voice has to be heard.

There are different aspects where your voice is needed.

First, in communication, you need to be a wife who openly and effectively communicates with her husband.

Initiate and hold intelligent conversations with your husband about how you feel, your thoughts, and your needs, and create a healthy atmosphere for your husband to do the same.

Effective communication is key to what we’re seeking to achieve.

Another area in which you need to be vocal is your expression of love.

Don’t be shy or afraid to show your husband love through your words, gestures, or actions.

Ensure that he knows he is loved and valued in your life.

Lastly, you need to be vocal and firm on your boundaries

This is a tricky one to apply in a marriage, but it can still be applied in many cases.

Everyone needs to have some form of boundary or the other in their life.

You need to decide what your values are and create firm boundaries around them in your life.

Be vocal about these boundaries with your husband; depending on what they are, be unapologetic about them.

For instance, if you have decided that abuse is a deal breaker for you (as should be) and won’t be tolerated, don’t relax on that rule and remain with him even when he abuses you.

That’s a fast way to devalue yourself.

Respect your husband’s boundaries, too, giving him the privilege to enjoy his own space and individuality where necessary.

4. Be committed to growth

If you seek to be valued in any area of life, you must embrace growth.

This applies to your marriage, too.

I’m not saying that you have to become uptight and formal like you’re pursuing a target in a corporate organization, but you have to embrace a level of growth.

Your husband will have no choice but to value you when he sees you leveling up in different ways.

You dedicate your time and resources to becoming a better version of yourself and being a high-class woman.

You develop as an individual by chasing your dreams, hobbies, interests, and passions and becoming better at what you do.

You also level up in your physical appearance and dress sense, taking it to the next level.

You’ll naturally become more interesting and attractive to your husband.

His respect for you will spike!

5. Have some level of independence

how to make your husband value you

Being clingy is cute until it’s not. 

Until you begin to sense that you’re perceived as a burden. 

Relying on your husband and he relying on you is wonderful because that’s what marriage is about.

But when it gets excessive, it can open the door for some level of “see finish.

If you’re overly dependent on your husband physically, financially, mentally, and in other ways, and you sense that his value for you is dropping, maybe it’s time to draw back a little.

Stand on your own and be fine.

Don’t be angry, hateful, or cold towards him, but do your own thing.

He needs to understand that you were living and breathing before you met him and that you still will be without him.

That may be his wake-up call to hold you in higher regard.

6. Be soft and kind

The tips you need to apply to make your husband value you are not all about being tough and unyielding.

Being soft is part of the game; it can only work against you when you don’t use it well.

Set out to be the affectionate and sweet wife by showering your husband with kind gestures such as beautiful lovemaking, hugs, kisses, and holding of hands, even the public if he likes PDA (excluding the sex part, lol).

Be kind and forgiving, showing empathy by trying to see things his way and considering his emotions and well-being.

When he errs, be willing to forgive him and choose to move past the things he has done wrong.

Stay in touch with your femininity and let him enjoy gracefulness from you.

I bet he’ll respect you more.

7. Be supportive of him

how to make your husband value you

Support is one of the most precious gifts you can give your husband.

Apart from making him feel loved, it’ll also make him cherish you more.

Don’t be the wife that always antagonizes her husband.

Instead, be supportive of his pursuits, dreams, and ambitions.

Be there for him when he needs you and inspire him to go after what he wants.

Show him patience and understanding even in his down or vulnerable moments.

Be there for him as a confident friend, showing interest in his hobbies and interests.

This will strengthen your bond and make him see that you value his passions, and he’ll want to reciprocate.

8. Give time to your relationship

Dedicate some time to building your relationship with your husband by spending quality time with him and engaging in activities that strengthen your bond.

Show him that you’re interested in growing together, exploring new terrains, and learning from each other as a couple.

Add some spice by making a big deal out of your milestones, like your and your husband’s birthdays, anniversaries, or special events.

This will reflect your respect for the relationship and the value you place on your shared history and future.

9. Be a great wife

how to make your husband value you

You’ve probably read a million and one tips about this at different points in your life already.

So I won’t bore you, I’ll just give you a few tips and reminders.

Be attentive to your husband’s needs and try to meet them when it’s within your power to do so.

Prioritize trust by being trustworthy and trusting your husband when he gives you the reason to.

Do the stuff you’d like for him to do for you to reflect his value for you.

That might just be what spurs him.

Sometimes, it’s okay to lead by example and be a positive influence, even as a wife.

Don’t forget to plan surprises here and there for him too!

10. Show gratitude and admiration

Be your husband’s greatest cheerleader by encouraging him and letting him know how proud you are of him.

Tell him how much you admire his qualities and go the extra mile to mention those things you love and appreciate about him.

It could be his wisdom, appearance, dress sense, intelligence, kindness, or even sense of humor.

Also, practice gratitude.

You can never go wrong with gratitude.

Develop the habit of expressing your appreciation to him for all he does for you and his efforts for the family.

11. Share responsibilities

how to make your husband value you

Now and then, women on social media argue about splitting the bills 50-50 with their men or not.

I’m not here to settle that debate because different strokes work for different folks, but what I will say is this;

As a woman, you must have some form of weight you’re carrying in the home.

Sometimes, some men value their wives less because they (the husbands) have to bear all the responsibilities themselves, especially financial ones.

Try to share responsibilities such as bills, household responsibilities, or decision-making with your husband.

This establishes the fact that you’re both partners and should value each other.

12. Be resilient

Please, don’t fall like a pack of cards whenever something uncomfortable or unpleasant confronts you.

Being resilient even in the face of challenges increases your badge of honor.

It makes your husband see you’re made of a unique fabric.

Even though you seem soft, you can handle difficult situations with grace and strength.

13. Stay adventurous

how to make your husband value you

Say goodbye to a boring routine and monotony, and embrace adventure.

Become unpredictable and do stuff your husband doesn’t see coming.

Don’t give him the action or reaction he always expects from you.

Keep things spicy by being spontaneous.

14. Take care of yourself

Don’t let go of yourself for any reason at all.

Even though you’re trying to make your husband value you, don’t make your whole life about him.

Zoom in to yourself and practice some self-care.

Ensure that you’re physically, emotionally, and mentally great.

This is good for your well-being generally, but it’ll also elevate you in your husband’s eyes.

15. Maintain a sense of humor

how to make your husband value you

Kick moodiness and anger out of your marriage and set the tone for a new and more friendly atmosphere.

You play a huge role in determining the atmosphere of your home.

When you share jokes and random gists with your husband, you keep the relationship light-hearted.

This will also make him see another side of you that he’s not used to.

His value for you will increase as you practice these tips and other specific ones that apply to you, which you must have discovered based on your observations.

Patiently apply these tips, and you’ll see the difference!

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