7 Suspicious Signs Your Partner is Falling For Someone Else - Olubunmi Mabel

Are you really suspecting that your partner might be falling for someone else and out of love with you?

You are not alone.

Many people have experienced this same fear and uncertainty in their relationships and marriages.

Just as love is like a rose, it comes with its thorns, which can prick your skin and cause pain.

There are many signs that can hint at the fact that your partner is falling for someone else.

In all honesty, nobody should be treated as an option in a relationship.

If you feel like your partner’s attention is constantly divided and they seem more distant, it may be a sign that their heart is being pulled towards someone else.

But before jumping to conclusions and making accusations, let’s take a look at the signs together.

Although these signs do not automatically mean they are falling for someone else, it is okay to be concerned and search for answers to satisfy your concerns. 

1. They Refer to The Person Often

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

One sign that your partner is falling for someone else is that you find them referring to that person often during conversations.  

They might bring up stories or anecdotes about their time together, making it clear that the two have some kind of connection. 

This is a sign that they are interested in the other person and may be developing feelings for them. 

This could result from their frequent conversation with that person and how much that person has occupied their thoughts.

A scenario is that you both are talking about how great the burger you ate tasted, and they would suddenly mention how so and so somebody feels it’s great too, or that person’s remark on a Burger they got elsewhere. 

They somehow get involved in your conversations often, even when not necessary. 

And when you point this out, your partner becomes defensive on this topic and may even get a little touchy.

This could mean that they are trying to hide their feelings and don’t want you to know about them. 

If your partner starts getting angry or evasive when talking about this person, it might be time to take notice and further investigate what is happening. 

2. They Suddenly Want To Look Good Before Going Out

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

This is most obvious in situations where your partner does not care about their looks on a normal day, and you’ve known them for that. 

Yet all of a sudden, without your motivation or advice, they put in effort to look good.  

This is a sign that they could be wanting to impress someone other than you. 

They may take extra care with their appearance, styling their hair differently or wearing different clothes when they plan to meet this person. 

Pay attention if your partner starts taking more time before going out – it might mean they want to look good for someone in particular and not just for you. 

Be sure to confront them and further investigate what is going on.

This could be an indication of cheating behavior that must be addressed immediately. 

Do not let this go unchecked if you suspect something may be wrong – the truth must come out so that you can take appropriate action. 

3. They Complain About Everything You Do

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

In previous times, despite the fact you are not perfect and you make mistakes, your partner has always lived with it, acknowledging your imperfections. 

But now you notice how your partner gets irritated easily and complains more, even over things that have always been unique to you. 

They become so unsatisfied with what you do that they seem to have a particular image they want you to live up to. 

This is not about them doing it from a place of wanting you to improve yourself; it’s more of almost disgust. 

They become hypersensitive to your actions and seem to find fault with everything you do. 

If this kind of behavior begins happening without any explanation, it should raise some red flags. 

It’s a sign they may be falling for someone else, who happens to be their image of perfection.

This third party is who makes them more unappreciative of you because the new girl or guy does all these things they believe you don’t do. 

4. They’re Always Communicating With Someone Else

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Ever noticed how your partner, who usually isn’t big on scrolling through social media or glued to their screens, suddenly can’t seem to put their phone down?

It’s like they’re transformed!

After a long day, they’re all eager to dive into the online world and connect with that missing part of them.

They start keeping tabs on how long they’ve been offline, almost as if they’re waiting for that one special email or message to pop up. 

When your significant other, who was once more of a “let’s talk face to face” person, suddenly becomes an internet fanatic, chatting away into the wee hours, it might raise an eyebrow.

It’s like they’ve got this new friend they just can’t wait to tell you about—except, they don’t.

Sounds familiar? 

It’s a sign, my friend. A sign that they might be falling for someone they’ve met in the digital world.

It’s not about being nosy or jumping to conclusions, but it’s about noticing those little changes.

It’s like they’re always looking forward to their next online session, and you start to wonder, “Who’s got them so hooked?”

5. His Interest Changes

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Ever noticed how your partner starts picking up new hobbies or tastes out of the blue?

Imagine your lover, who wouldn’t be caught dead watching a K-drama, is now binge-watching them every weekend.

Or they’re suddenly all in for trying out that funky new haircut and exploring cuisines they couldn’t even pronounce before.

You might be wondering, “What’s up with that?” Well, it’s all about their newfound interest.

Naturally, falling for someone new can flip our world upside down, in the best way possible.

Without even realizing it, they start mirroring the interests of the person they’re into.

Suddenly, their playlist has songs they used to skip, or they’re curious about hobbies they never gave a second thought.

When your partner is exhibiting all of these changes without any prompting, it’s a telltale sign that they’re falling for someone else.

6. They Spend More Time Outside 

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Ever had that moment when your usually clingy partner starts craving solo adventures or more nights out without you?

Yeah, it feels like a gut punch, doesn’t it?

They might’ve stumbled upon a new person who shares a passion for hiking or just enjoys hanging out.

Also, because it is impossible for them to physically bring a new love interest into your home, they will definitely spend more time outdoors.  

They will give you different excuses for their newfound love for the outdoors, but deep down, you know what’s really going on. 

Their sudden desire for more time outside is a clear indication that they’re trying to create opportunities to spend time with someone else.

7. They Become More Emotionally And Physically Unavailable

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Remember how you and your partner could chat about absolutely everything under the sun?

Now, it feels like they’re on a whole different planet, emotionally and physically.

They’ve put up this invisible wall, and no matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to break through.

They’re not opening up about their feelings or thoughts anymore, leaving you feeling like an outsider in your own relationship.

And then there’s the whole snuggle situation – or the lack thereof.

It’s like they’re allergic to cuddling all of a sudden.

Ever find them coming up with the most creative excuses just to dodge a hug? Yeah, that’s a red flag waving right there.

It leaves you wondering what is going on.

You might even take some blame on yourself without knowing that someone somewhere else checks the emotional and physical boxes for them.

When you notice most of these signs, it’s time to have a serious talk.

Communication is key in any relationship, and if you can’t communicate with your partner then there may be deeper issues at hand.

Start by asking them how they’re doing and if something feels off between the two of you.

Listen to their response and try to understand where they’re coming from.

If they open up about any underlying issues, try to work through them together as a team.

But if they continue to shut down or dismiss your concerns, it may be time to set them straight.

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